Extreme Close Quarters Concepts 3/4

Cost $400

Course Description: The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) 3/4 course is a twenty hour block of instruction which builds upon the fundamentals learned in ECQC 1/2. This intermediate course is focused upon tasking the student’s multidisciplinary platform harder than ever by adding multiple opponents armed with handguns. All students will problem solve from an extreme initiative deficit. Particular attention will be given to the timing variable of a secondary hostile and the subsequent decision making based upon the distance envelope. Though not required, it’s highly recommended that the student have completed ECQC 1/2 twice.


Day One (four hours)
• Review of Managing Unknown Contacts
• Review of Default Position and Short Elbow System
• Review of In-Fight Weapon Access and the Mountain Goat Drill
• Review and refinement of Gun Grapple fundamentals

Day Two (eight hours)
• Examining conventional movement theory and the Extreme Initiative Deficit (EID)
• Ballistic movement and acceleration
• Introduction to the Modified Take Off (MTO)
• Plyometric Footwork Development
• Angles of Egress
• Orientation Resets and movement under fire
• Directional decision making and initiative

Day Three (eight hours)
• Confined space gun disarms
• Strips, fouls, and redirects
• Cutting the centerline
• Uncooperative Cover usage
• Multiple armed opponent evolutions
• Narrowing the threat field
• Engaging the unexpected offset

Prerequisites: ECQC 1/2. Students should be relatively fit as the anaerobic demands are slightly more than the beginning course. Students are encouraged to bring joint wraps and braces as there is quite a bit of joint, hip, and lower back torque incurred throughout the course work. Shoes or boots with good ankle support are also recommended.

Required Equipment:
• Holster, belt and magazine holder
• Pistol of .38 or greater,
• Two magazines or speed loaders,
• Eye & ear protection,
• Long pants and a heavy sweatshirt or soft body armor,
• Mouthpiece and cup,
• 800 rounds of ammo.

Bring the following equipment if you happen to have it:
Focus Mits
Blow Out/First Aid kit
FIST Helmet
Knee pads
Training knives

Class location and lodging

West Georgia Tactical
3775 West Highway 166
Carrollton, Ga. 30117

Recommended Lodging:
Jameson Inn
700 South Park St.
Carrollton, Ga. 30117

Tell the hotel you are there for a Firearmz Class and get a discount rate.