Economy of motion on the draw stroke?

Economy of motion on the draw stroke?

This is a discussion on Economy of motion on the draw stroke? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm brand spanking new to self defense pistolcraft and I'm trying to do it 'right' without teaching myself bad habits. Monday I met with two ...

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Thread: Economy of motion on the draw stroke?

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    Economy of motion on the draw stroke?

    I'm brand spanking new to self defense pistolcraft and I'm trying to do it 'right' without teaching myself bad habits. Monday I met with two local guys who have had quite a bit of training and train together very often (thanks BlackEagle and Harold Green), seem to know their stuff. They taught me the 4-point draw stroke and we practiced quite a bit, drawing and firing from the different positions of the stroke, placement of the off hand, etc.

    Tonight I took some time to practice in front of the mirror and I am getting the stroke down smoother, but I notice a LOT of upper body movement, leaning far to the left as the gun clears on the right, elbows flying, occasionally head down and sometimes even watching the gun.

    Any thoughts on this? I'm sure they are all extra motions I want to avoid, but are there some reputable videos online that anyone is familiar with that could help me a little?

    I am getting much better about keeping the pistol near the body as the safety comes off and the pistol levels in preparation for a shot from retention. I'm also getting better about not simply sticking the gun out in an upward arc, etc. Thanks for any thoughts-

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    Practice in a "building block" fashion. In other words, work on the first "count" for a pre-set length of time or number of reps. Then add the second count only for a while, then the third and so on until you are doing the full draw-stroke. While doing this, make sure to go slow enough to execute each part of the drawstroke with perfect form (this is where you work out the "bugs" in your technique).
    Concentrate on being smooth, not on moving faster. Speed will result from doing it smoothly, not from trying to force yourself to move faster before you are ready.
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    What Kempo said , with the caution that if you have seen it done right , then go slow with a mirror , You know how to do it if you have seen it broke down , a vid wont help a lot , a mirror or two and a lot of reps will .
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    leaning far to the left
    I have to say that - with my build I have to lean left quite a lot. I have my piece held in quite tight - probably tho in OWB, pretty much as tight as if IWB.

    With a still relatively reasonable waist (for age!) and broad up top - the ''lean'' is essential IMO - it's actually a combo - sidebend left - rotate right. As the winding up occurs the gun comes out and then the whole deal unwinds/reverses.

    Some of this is also for the garment sweep so even if I have no cover garment the same technique is followed. Fastest draw of course would be I think from a low-slung cowboy rig, which would preclude the need for any lean.

    I am as always in the camp of ''what works for you''.
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    Thanks all. I think the 'lean' may be due to holster location as much as anything, I've found that I'm pretty comfortable with my IWB at about 3:00 or slighlty favored forward, rather than behind the hip. I also notice this aids in concealability a LOT. If I were to push the holster behind the hip a bit I would be able to get my torso out of the way easier by simply bending at the waist slightly.

    Garment sweep is another thing I really need to perfect. I work in an office where I wear jeans and button-front shirt, but I get away with leaving it un-tucked. On the draw the shirt is frequently in the way and I push the gun all the way down towards my knee to clear the shirt, then back up to retention. Right now I'm working on the draw stroke and I'll focus on the shirt once I consitantly draw better.

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