How many of us practice with our "weak hand?"

How many of us practice with our "weak hand?"

This is a discussion on How many of us practice with our "weak hand?" within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the range today and practiced at 3 and 7 yards with my left hand only. Not suprisingly, it was a little messy but ...

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Thread: How many of us practice with our "weak hand?"

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    How many of us practice with our "weak hand?"

    Went to the range today and practiced at 3 and 7 yards with my left hand only. Not suprisingly, it was a little messy but after a hundred rounds my grip and aim steadied somewhat. Do any of you practice weak hand shooting in case your strong hand becomes unusable?

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    I practice equally strong and week sides including draws from concealment, clearing/malfunction drills, and reloads. My week side shooting is not as accurate, just one more thing to work on...

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    Weak hand and "point and click" are a regular part of my practice.

    "point and click"= draw, point, shoot from the hip...not Microsoft Mouse
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    Weak hand & point /shoot w/ both hands.
    Weak hand malfunction drills.
    Confess that I need to do it more often. Once a month or so is really not enough for weak hand.
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    For me everything is always trained using either hand and both.

    For finite bullseye accuracy I'm most accurate with my left while for speed and combat accuracy I'm quickest with my right, although I can shoot and pull of either and all with either hand.

    - Janq
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    I'm blessed/cursed in this area, I'm right handed left eye dominant, if i take my time, I shoot better with my left hand, rapid fire I can do pretty darn good with my left as long as I'm shooting less than 50 rounds, after that, my arm starts getting shakey.

    I'm actually thinking of just focusing on becoming a lefty when it comes to pistol craft.

    A few good things will come of this, I'll still have my "strong" hand available for fending off an attacker while drawing with my left, and I'll have more coordination with a right handed mag change...

    I just don't want to have to spend the $$ on left handed holsters

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    I practice with my weak hand, but probably not near as much as I should.
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    Very seldom. Should do more often.
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    i do every range trip even if im not shooting carry gun

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    Two mags (and cylinders) each range trip with my carry guns
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    every time i go to the range i shoot with my weak hand, strong hand, and both hands.
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    Yes, I do. It's entirely possible the strong hand will become unusable, if attacked by knife or firearm. I've learned that the "crush grip" (Ayoob's "stressfire") method dramatically steadies my off-hand firing. I train for it each time, at the range. Full-power loads, about 1/2 to 2/3 speed ... but reasonably steady and accurate.
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    I did for the first time a few weeks ago when some older gentlemen let me in on their weekly IDPA-inspired shooting session.

    It's an absolutely great idea and we all should do it.

    It's humbling, though.
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    My weak hand practice entails shooting two guns simultaneously at two different threat/targets. It's part of the "enhanced peripheral vision" skills I train in which develops both hands/arms to shooting as well as not having to "look" at either threat.

    Students have reported on the success of this type of training, what most will fail to realize is that it develops more than a few skills all at once. Look at neither and hot both out to 10 feet with the threats 10 feet apart, look at one or the other and shoot both at the same time as well.

    You can also alternate the shots between the two guns on two seperate threats as well. Mixing it up like this really develops ones proprioception at the subconscious level and takes you well past what most think they are capable of until they are shown how easy it is to accomlish.

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    I do some weak side practice.

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