Proper defensive running techniques & aerobic conditioning

Proper defensive running techniques & aerobic conditioning

This is a discussion on Proper defensive running techniques & aerobic conditioning within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, I put this in this forum area because I figured running and keeping fit is an important factor in some of our defensive arsenals. ...

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Thread: Proper defensive running techniques & aerobic conditioning

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    Proper defensive running techniques & aerobic conditioning

    Okay, I put this in this forum area because I figured running and keeping fit is an important factor in some of our defensive arsenals. But mods, feel free to move it if it violates anything.

    I decided to ask this question on this forum because of the large amount of ex-military/LE/Contractors that seem to frequent. People in these professions (I'm LE) are the most likely to develop workout strategies, etc, for survival. So, to all of you out there, what is your basic workout concerning:

    1. Upper body conditioning
    2. Aerobic (On running, how far, what terrain, and how you can keep yourself going when you are getting terribly bored or tired)
    3. Weapons -- What I mean by this is, do you practice wearing yourself out and then trying to successfully fire, reload, clean, your knives/firearms? Is this wise? If so, how do you go about it?

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    1. Free weights, dumbells , ect. 3 times a week. Also I have a kick/punching bag I beat on for atleast 15 minutes after lifting.

    2. run approx. 1 mile 3 times a week, as well as bike 3-6 miles 2-3 times a week.

    3. running or aerobic exercise can be used for simulating a stressful situation. I sometimes will do pushups or similar then shoot , usually with airsoft , due to safety concerns. . Also some drawing and movement drills after working out , help to make the body work while tired /weak.
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    I may be a little bit militant on this subject. A little over a year ago I weighed 275 to 280 pounds. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. I now weigh 160 pounds.

    My normal workout routine is this:
    I ride my bicycle 25 miles every day. This take 2 hours. Usually done between 6:30 and 8:30pm.
    I then do free weights every other night with abdominal exercises on the between nights.
    I workout every night, every week. I also adhere to a specific diet, I eat every 2 hours, small meals and snacks so my digestive system never empties out except when I am asleep at night. This raises the metabolism. I take in approx. 1600 calories a day and burn some where in the neighborhood of 2500 to 3000 calories a day.

    I also drink one sometimes two Whey Protein shakes a day for aid in muscle regeneration.

    I am still trying to cut a bit of fat from my midsection and I am still building upper body muscle.

    I have run a mile as fast as I could and then shot a specific course of fire on an outdoor range. Believe me, it makes it much, much harder to hit just about anything much less a moving or swinging target!

    Quick examples of my transformation with this work out regimen below:

    Me in May of 2006:

    Me in May of 2007:

    Not the best photos to show the change but all I had handy and uploaded to imageshack at the moment.
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    I was doing deep woods running...well, running when I could through a ton of heavy growth and trees - but my last time out I truly split my knee open a good one when I took a serious bad dive. (Clumsy Klutz)
    Now just working at home attempting to stay in decent shape because I am getting older.
    The lower back is not always cooperating fully these days.

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    TN Mike-Great Job! Dedication is tough but worth it, especially on how you feel both mentally and physically. Keep it up.

    I run 3x a week, karate 2x, and shoot 1x per week. I lift weights off and on a couple times per week and once in awhile ride my bike.

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