Minneapolis, MN! I kinda got a two-fer with Brent last night and I was blessed to have him one-on-one! We met at 5p at a gun shop & range and spent the first hour and a half on hand-to-hand techniques & weapon disarms. Brent's knowledge and ability was impressive to say the least, and his primary concern is 21st century reality when it comes to fighting. I have a limited hand-to-hand background, but he was able to quickly & effectively teach me some great tools to put in my bag for various "eventualities." This was the 'bonus' of the night. On to the range...

We had exclusive use of the rifle range which has independent lighting. The objective was to build confidence & ability in shooting in extreme low light without use of a flashlight, and without the use of sights out to 21'. Brent had me shoot a few sighted rounds to get a baseline, and we went to work starting at extreme close contact distances, with the pistol down at the side (as if it had just cleared the holster). At each distance he had me shoot slow and rapid fire, one and two handed. We ran through various drills with the pistol at different presentations (sternum height close in & fully extended, chest height, chin height, etc, concentrating on shooting through the centerline (which, despite my not having any formal training on point shooting, I was pleased to find that I had dialed in pretty good), shooting to COM as well as head, and learning how to avoid being blinded by muzzle flash. Various low- and no-light scenarios, bursts, reloads, malfunction drills... In all I burned up 300 rds and by the end of the night I was grouping well all the way out to 21' with rapid fire, in the dark.

In a word, AWESOME!

For those within striking distance of Minneapolis/St. Paul, I cannot recommend Brent's services highly enough! Check him out at www.foxdefensivetraining.com and http://www.pistolcraft.org/brent.html.