October 27-28, 2007

Armed Vehicle Operations - shooting in, at and around vehicles, team tactics, etc...

Sand Burr Gun Ranch
2111 East 350 North
Rochester, IN 46975

This is a once in a lifetime dream course!

The staff instructors for this class are as follows:

John Farnam (DTI) and Henk Iverson (Strike Tactical) will be instructing the vehicle defenses and vehicle operations portion.

Olympia Fields, IL, Chief of Police, and head of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, Jeff Chudwin, will be providing a mini-course on the maintainance and repair of the AR15-family of weapons.

Chuck Soltys (DEA) and Doc Gunn, of DTI, will be instructing on wound treatment and medical issues regarding vehicle operations.

Handgun and rifle will be required, shotguns may also be depolyed if you so choose. You must be a DTI rifle and pistol course grad to attend. This will be a high speed, high intensity learning environment, not for the casual student!(Course prerequisites may be waived for certain police or Federal officers, as well as instructors or advanced graduates of other schools, but that will be determined on a case-by-case basis.)

Vehicles will be provided! At least 500-rounds handgun ammo, 200 rifle, and 100 buck or slug, will be required, but the round count may be lower. Bring a small ammount of carry ammunition to test on car bodies and windshields.

There will be a night shoot, with flashing red and blues, flares, etc...

Cost is $495 per student.

Start time is 9am EST on the 27th.

A special DTI rate has been arranged with both the Super 8 (574-224-8080), and the Comfort Inn (574-223-7300) in Rochester, both only 8-minutes from the range.

Contact Frank for further info at:
dtomfrank@yahoo.com or 708-362-0786 before 9pm CST

A $250 deposit is required in check form, made out to "DTI", and sent to:

P.O. Box 385
Crete, IL 60417

If you'd like to order ammunition, get ahold of Sand Burr and they will get it in for you.