Fellow Glock Shooters-

I just got off the phone with a very good friend of mine who lives in Fla. and owns a company that makes aftermarket Glock parts he suggested I re-post the Advanced Diagnostic Repair course for Glock Handguns to let you know a few things.

1. GLOCK Armorer’s courses are NOT offered to private individuals buy Glock.
2. The One Day Armorer’s Course by Glock is a maintenance course.
3. This Course goes far beyond the Armorers course.
4. You will have access to aftermarket parts at this course “Extended Slide Stop Lever” “Extended Magazine Release” “3.5lb Trigger Connectors” “NY 1 & NY 2 Trigger springs” “Special Firing Pin Springs (Red& Blue) as well as “Maritime Spring Cups “offered by Glock only to Law Enforcement & Military Special Op’s you CAN purchase them at this course as well as learn how to install ALL of the above referenced parts. We will also have sight available for purchase and we will teach installation.
5. Learn Diagnostic and Repair Skills.

This course is a must for anyone who owns a Glock Handgun!

This is not a video or a book this is live Instruction from someone who works with and on guns for a living.

You CAN’T get this training anywhere else unless you are:
Law Enforcement
Glock Stocking Dealer

Covers the classroom Instruction
Armorer’s Manual for the Glock Handgun
Glock Armorer Tool
PTTA Tool for Glock’s

If interested in this course or setting a date in the future course please contact:

Tom Perroni
(540) 786-3627