Airgun for training?

Airgun for training?

This is a discussion on Airgun for training? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking into getting some kind of pellet or bb gun for some backyard training, but I'm not sure what exactly I should get. Currently, ...

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Thread: Airgun for training?

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    Airgun for training?

    I'm looking into getting some kind of pellet or bb gun for some backyard training, but I'm not sure what exactly I should get. Currently, I have a small range setup in my backyard where I have a number of targets I can plink at from my deck with my Marksman 2004 and IZH 53M . It's great fun, but both of those pistols are single shot pellet guns and not exactly CCW sized (the Marksman looks a little like a Desert Eagle, but only weights a pound). Ideally, I'd like something similar in size as my Sig P239 so that they could potentially share the same holster. I also want something that won't break within the first 6 months of use. I know it'll have to use CO2 to be a repeater, but it doesn't have to simulate blowback. I don't really want to spend more than $60-$75 max.

    Two choices I'm not sure about are whether to get one that uses a revolver type clip or one that puts them inline. The pros about the revolver style is reliability, able to use both pellets or bb's and with that greater accuracy. The cons are double action for every shot (not neccessarily a bad thing) and smaller capacity (6-8 vs. 15-17).

    Some of the pistols that I'm considering are:
    Crosman 1088
    Crosman C11
    Crosman PRO77
    Daisy Powerline 008
    Gamo PX 107
    Gamo P-23
    Walther CP99

    The reason I'm not including any airsoft is because this will be strictly outdoors, I want more power for reactive targets, and they are inherently less accurate (no rifled barrels that I've seen).
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    I dont know what airgun you should buy, but I do know that its a very good tool to use. It helps you a lot with draw, index and general pistol craft. I use one in my basement, its a great way to relax and keep sharp.
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    I had a trainer years ago who put a bunch of us through room-clearing drills, as well as gun retention, all using airsoft guns. They certainly worked well enough for the purpose at hand.


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    I picked up the Walther CP-99 Compact from Dick's over a year ago for practice in my basement. It's worked fine with no issues and it has pretty good range out to 21ft.
    Be aware it's one down side is that once the weapon is charged with air it cannot be uncharged nor does it hold air for long. This means you will cycle through CO2 powerlets everytime you desire to use it which over time can add up.

    I am planning to buy a green gas powered Airsoft unit in 1911 form factor so that it'll fit my holsters which the CP99C does not.

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    I just bought a cheap airsoft replica of the 226, it is the exact size but find the whole quality less than the other Berreta airsoft I bought last year. The Sig replica 226 being offered by sig would be nice, but I doubt I would be allowed to import it.

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    Airsoft guns are an excellent way to practice. The higher quality models are the same size, and roughly the same weight if you get a full metal version.
    Green gas blowbacks are ideal if you shoot an automatic. You will want that action in the slide if you want to practice rapid fire or multiple shots. You'll find quality airsoft replicas for most popular automatics.
    Airsoft is quickly being dicovered and used as a safer alternative to live fire and simunition CQB training by some LE, private security, and military. If it's good enough for them, why not give it a try?
    Airsoft as a milsim game is also a ton of fun!

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    I am a huge proponent of pellet/bb guns for training. I have multiple CO2 pellet guns from Daisy, Crosman, and Gamo, which I have been shooting since the 1960's. I recommend trying to find an air pistol which approximates your EDC grip and, more importantly, trigger. That said, my favorites are the Crosman 38C for revolver and Gamo for auto. Neither are particularly accurate beyond 10yds, but they are not target pistols.

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    I have subjected a Gamo P 23 to years of hard use, both as a shooter and a loud prop ( Co2 cartridge only) for Shoot-Don't Shoot videos in my armed guard classes. ( I have found the P-23 to be the loudest air gun of them all.)
    After about 3 years it broke, so I bought a new one for $63.00 that is still humming along.
    I have also used Gamo pellet revolvers and the PT-80 for target practice and they all work great.

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    The Gamo p23 is a piece of junk. I had one a few years go to play around with, but never liked it.

    Its not very acurate. Mine shot to the left pretty bad...It wasn't poor aiming, it was just a poor airgun.

    A C02 gun is going to go through CO2 like there is no tomorrow. if you use it frequently, then you will be spending quite a bit of money on c02

    I also had a Walther PPK/S C02 gun. I liked that one a lot more then the P32. It was a lot more accurate, had a blow back, and never failed to fire. Another thing I liked about it was that it had a regular clip for its ammo (unlike the break open P32). If you're using this for training, I would go with one that has a clip.
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