Fighting Handgun
At FIREARMZ we have carefully selected three levels of handgun training that we have built after years of study, force on force training, gun fights and gun fight reviews. These findings evolved from Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian incidents.

Based on these findings we offer the Basic Pistol Class which is designed to enhance your shooting and robust gun manipulation skills. The ability to shoot accurately across a broad spectrum of stress is paramount to achieving results regardless of the situation, sport, competition, or aggressively trying to eliminate a threat. The Basic Handgun Class will build the foundation in which everything else is placed upon: mindset, gun handling, accuracy, by instilling, stance, grip, trigger control, sight alignment, sight picture, breathing, and follow through.

Then there is:


FIREARMZ Fighting Handgun
Total Instruction: 16 hours (2-day)

After the Basic foundation is built and is totally grasp by the student we add more to the fighting skills with a handgun. Fighting with a handgun is much different than static shooting at the local range. Gun fights are very dynamic and constantly evolving, static training is deadly. The FIREARMZ Fighting Handgun Class takes you to the next level. It reinforces Basic Pistol and introduces dynamic movement, principals of personal defense, reloads, malfunctions/stoppages, a combative draw stroke that works across a broad spectrum, the proper use of cover, and low light/flash light techniques.

Fighting Handgun
Two day class
NOTE- Saturday night will be a late night for low light training.
Cost: $250.00
Principle of self defense
Fighting stance
Combative draw stroke
Dynamic movement
Stoppages and malfunctions
Low light and flash light techniques

Items needed for the class: 38 Spcl/9MM or larger service gun, sturdy gun belt, holster, 3 spare magazines, spare magazine carriers, 1000 rounds of range ammunition, 6 rounds of your normal carry ammunition, eye and hearing protection, lunch, water, flash light, and anything else that may contribute to a better experience, (sun screen, folding chair, rain suit ect..)

October 13th and 14th
Fighting Pistol

February 2nd and 3rd
Fighting Pistol