Fayetteville, NC - November 10-11

Family Protection Fundamentals

The majority of defensive training revolves around the assumption that the individual is alone or in a team of similarly trained individuals. Most of the time, the average person does not operate like this; instead spending most of their time with their family. If presented with a threat, the individual’s primary concern must be the protection of their family.

The LMS Defense Family Protection Fundamentals course will teach the individual, couple or family how to implement an aggressive security posture that is both nonintrusive to the family and transparent to the general public; while remaining potently effective against organized attacks and crimes of opportunity. This course will teach you how to organize into a ‘family protection unit’, with each member having a specific role in the security plan; family unit movement; situational awareness; recognizing potential threats; how to identify avenues of approach and danger areas; exit strategies; conflict resolution and threat mitigation techniques; precision firearms use and post-fight plans.

Duration: 2 days

Equipment needed:
Handgun and 3 magazines
700 rounds of pistol ammunition
Concealable holster and magazine pouches
Cover Garment
Pen and notebook
Hat or other head covering
Knee and elbow pads
Eye and ear protection
Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable)
Adequate personal water supply
Sack lunch and snack food (We do not leave the range for lunch)

Pistol 1 or equivalent course from a respected training provider. Please email questions@lmsdefense.com with prerequisite inquiries.