I am writing this article for my website and will have it published in a few days time. I thought I would share it with the forum, hopefully it will help some of you.

The Ft. Sill Medicine Bluff 1 (MB1) gun range is a great place to shoot. Located on Ft. Sill, itís often frequented by active duty and retired military personnel. Going to this range takes some prep work. The MB1 gun range allows rifles, shotguns, and handguns. OKCarry.com is dedicated to concealed carry; therefore this helpful information concentrates on the handgun portion of the range.

First, you will need to determine if youíre authorized to use the MB1 gun range. The following personnel may use the range:
1. U.S. and allied military personnel and their guest
2. DA civilians stationed at Ft. Sill
3. Law enforcement personnel
4. Local gun clubs with approval from DPCA

Next, youíll need to determine if your weapon requires Ft. Sill registration. Privately owned weapons on Ft. Sill are regulated by USAFACF Regulation 190-1 Appendix B.

If youíre in the military, civilian employee, or a retiree, you must register your weapon with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES). If youíre a guest and are accompanied by military personnel, civilian employee, or a retiree then you donít need to register your weapon.

Weapon registration is done in Building# 4700 (the old hospital), room# 231.
The easiest way to get here is to enter Ft. Sill through the Sheridan Rd. gate. Go straight to the 1st street light. Make a right hand turn onto Mowway. Building # 4700 will be on the right hand side across the street from the new hospital and next door to the MEDDAC barracks.

Do not bring your weapon on post until it is registered and definitely do not bring it into the registration building. They will give you two identical cards (FS Form 562). Fill out each form with the required information. Be sure that you know your weapons serial number, barrel length, and overall length. Up to 10 weapons can be registered per set of cards. Give the cards to the MP on duty and he/she will sign and stamp them. One copy will stay on file with the MPís and you will keep one. Do not lose it!

Now that your weapons are registered hereís how to properly transport your firearms on Ft. Sill. First thing you need to know is that concealed weapons on Ft. Sill are prohibited regardless of whether you have a state issued license or not. Weapons must be transported by the most direct route to the MB1 range. Only short stops at the gas stations are permitted, no other stops are allowed. Guns must be unloaded and secured in a locked case, rack, box, or trunk, or with a trigger lock or locked cable, chain, or rod through the firearm's guard or barrel. Ammunition must be carried separately from the firearm. Transportation of ammunition in magazines, clips, stripper clips, speed loaders, or any other similar device is not authorized, unless these devices are transported in a locked container separate from any weapon.

Now that the weapon is properly stored in the vehicle, confidently declare your weapon to the guard at the gate. He/she will inspect your photo identification and registration card, check your weapons to be sure theyíre listed on the card, and check to be sure youíre transporting your weapons appropriately.

The easiest way to get to the MB1 gun range is to enter Ft. Sill through the Sheridan Rd. gate. Continue straight on Sheridan Rd. It will curve to your right. Turn left on Currie Rd (there will be a Burger King on the corner on your right). Currie Rd. will take you over railroad tracks and will twist and turn a bit, but donít worry youíre going the correct way. You will come to a gated drive on your left hand side with a small sign proclaiming the entrance to the MB1 gun range. Go through the gated drive and proceed to the first small building on your right and side. This is the range officerís office. You must stop here prior to shooting. You are required to sign in. Have your photo identification and registration card ready incase the range officer asks for it. There are also targets and silhouettes available free of charge. Now you are ready to shoot!

The handgun range is an outdoor covered range. Thereís enough room for a dozen plus shooters. The range extends about 75 yards to the burm, and you may move your target to whatever distance you want to shoot. The range officer doesnít monitor things to obsessively and he/she doesnít call cease fire. If you need to go down range make sure you clearly communicate with other shooters. The biggest pet peeves of most range officers are lack of eye/ear protection, handling weapons when a shooter is down range, rapid fire, and shooting over the burm. The range officers are firm but fair. They will ask you to leave if youíre unsafe or canít follow the rules. (Heck, Iíll ask you to leave) There are trash receptacles and also bins to deposit your spent brass.

When youíre done shooting you must clean up your brass. You also need to sign out and return your silhouettes to the range officer.

Have fun, stay safe!