Kudos to R.

Kudos to R.

This is a discussion on Kudos to R. within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My Buddy who works for the Gov't lets just call him R. Is getting deployed to Iraq in March. He works with me part time ...

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Thread: Kudos to R.

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    Kudos to R.

    My Buddy who works for the Gov't lets just call him R.

    Is getting deployed to Iraq in March. He works with me part time at another job. When he showed up he had only a G26 which I later aquired from him in a Sig P220 trade.

    He asked me to help in some tactical training. My first response was let me me see how you draw and shoot.

    R draw and shoot? I think I know how to shoot, but pull a gun from a holster never done that.

    Going from a shotgun patter to being able to shoot fairly well. Myself and another VA/DC/MD JS instructor has been working with him for over 6 months to get him up to speed in prep for going over seas.

    Last week he went to special DOD training in S. VA. He was one of a very few civies in the deployment training.

    He came back with a smile on his face. He said that that he won best in his class, next to a active duty Col. and some active duty special ops guys. Not only did they shoot but they also had to due some high speed driving stuff.

    He said he was the only one who killed the instructor doing the tueller drill based on stuff we had taught him about simple moving back and to the left when somebody is coming at him with that test knife that feels like you get cut. He said the instructors where shocked and said he was one of the only people that actually killled the instructor and took everything seriously. He also shot the best qual score and was constantly getting compliments on scanning/ assessing. He was also the only one to pass the malfunction drill using Tap Rack asses that we taught him only 2 days before he left for the school. When the class was asked. "How do you stop somebody with a Pistol?" He was accused of being prior military when he said you have to severe the eletrical conncection i.e. Electorical Shutdown shooting for central nervous system and aiming for the eyes and wishing he had a rifle. He also was the only one that actually knew what SUL was.

    He actually gave me hug and said he never had been that proud. They awarded him Top gun with a challenge coin. I didn't know what to say because he was truely grateful and I never thought that I would help somebody that much who was going in harms way. His agency has asked him to go to the M4 training in March addition after his stellar performance. I know about Tactial Rifle stuff but have limited knowledge on it. Well Time to get to work. I have a fellow co-worker who has been to iraq and been shot who has aggreed to help him. Sorry for the pride rant but I'm very proud of him.
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    wow, good for him

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