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This is a discussion on Home practice within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yesterday I bought a 1:1 replica airsoft gun of a Walther P99 at Big 5 Sporting goods - 19.99. It came with a little 6" ...

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    Yesterday I bought a 1:1 replica airsoft gun of a Walther P99 at Big 5 Sporting goods - 19.99. It came with a little 6" target covered in that gooey gel that you get out of the quarter machines at the supermarket to catch and hold the plastic BBs

    The intent for the gun is a mold for a holster. But like all things, I just had to play with it.

    I have not had the time or funds to get some ammo for live practice time, and have been wanting to try the point and shoot thingy, so I did.

    Barring the lack of recoil, the gun is extremely realistic and accurate at the 13 feet that I was shooting at (bench shots). Then I switched to point shooting. I was surprised how well it works. I just focused on the center and with the gun slightly below line of sight, I was able to place all shots in a 3 inch group.

    I would have to recommend to anyone that wants to practice in home target shooting for muscle memory to get one of these. They have an amazing number of different replicas available. 1911s, Sigs, Kimbers, XD, Glocks...basically the most popular ones. All plastic, to all metal with CO2. Prices from 20 - 90 dollars.

    I am going to try speed draw and fire today.

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    I have spent some time in a simulator, most of which was using a non-recoil gun (A real DA gun with a laser in the barrel). It has helped tremendously at the range. After that, I increased my once or twice a month dryfire practice to daily. I have improved tremendously at the range and in scenario simulators that use gas filled shells or electric recoil devices. There's no substitute for practice, even if that practice isn't live fire.
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    Sounds good.
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    i've got an airsoft co2 blow back model of a s&w, with one of the gel targets you are talking about. i think it's great for practicing sight picture and trigger squeeze. recoil isn't quite fully simulated of course.
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