I just wanted to let you know that I will be holding a 07E Entry Level Handgun and 09E Advanced Handgun Course for PPS, EP & PSD. This training qualifies you to carry a Handgun as a Personal Protection Specialist in Va. through the Virginia Dept of Criminal Justice Services.

Dates: Jan 14th - Jan 20th

Location: Fredericksburg, Va. PTTA Classroom & 'The Range'

Cost: $500.00

Jan 14th -Jan 16th 07E & (Va. & Md. Concealed Handgun Permit Course of fire.) NO EXTRA COST

Jan 17th -Jan 20th 09E

Once you have finished this course you will have (4)

1. O7E Entry Level Handgun DCJS
2. 09E Advanced Handgun for PPS DCJS
3. Virginia Concealed Handgun Certificate to prove competency with a handgun.
4. Maryland Concealed Handgun Certificate to prove competency with a Handgun

The $500 cost includes classroom training course books & Range Time. The student will be responsible for Handguns and Ammo. We have very few loaner Glocks. Please call in advance to make arrangements to use loaner handguns.

Contact for registration & more information:

Tom Perroni
Training Director
Golden SEAL Enterprises Inc.
Firearms Training Unit
(540) 846-7088 cell
DCJS #’s 11-5343 & 88-1476