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Long range or precision shots - DA or SA?

This is a discussion on Long range or precision shots - DA or SA? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yeah, I had a 2.5" for awhile too!. Bobbed hammer, D/A only, matte body with high-polish 11 degree muzzle crown, and cylinder flutes, ate CorBon ...

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Thread: Long range or precision shots - DA or SA?

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    Yeah, I had a 2.5" for awhile too!. Bobbed hammer, D/A only, matte body with high-polish 11 degree muzzle crown, and cylinder flutes, ate CorBon like popcorn

    I liked the 6" best for 75 yds +, but it was hard for me to ever justify the equally monsterous shoulder rig, even camping or hiking. If you are "in the woods", though, I think the K and L frames are hard to beat!

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    When I qualified for my CCW, I had to shoot my entire qualification DA. All my experience with target rifle was with a very light, silky smooth trigger. Getting used to a combat pistol DA was a challenge. I made DA shots an important part of my practice. I also found that, before I started concentrating on my DA shooting, my initial DA shot would be a flier and I would settle down in my SA follow-ups. Making that first shot out of the holster more accurate became a goal. Now, I shoot about 20 consecutive DA shots as part of my practice. I shoot a lot of DA/SA pairs and DA/SA/SA triples, trying to improve my trigger control.

    I also find that I think differently about SA shooting, like competition target shooting, is it just me?
    - Tom
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    Think differently Tom? Well - I think with SA (meaning here deliberate) it is just down to the precision element - so in that respect a different way of thinking yes.

    It is worth at times IMO - mainly long range - using both methods - both as comparison but also so that each is a viable option. DA if speed and shot count important - SA for the slower precision when time allows.
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    Well, I gotta add this. I just shot 200 rounds my H&K P2000 LEM 9mm. I've shot it before, but I think the LEM is an interesting system and I do believe it is growing on me.

    I suppose it would be considered a DAO in the sense that it has no SA mode, but it's really not a true DAO because the hammer is pre-cocked by the slide rack like the Glock action. But, the trigger pull length and trigger take-up pull weight is magnitudes smoother, lighter, and a little longer than a Glock. The actual trigger break weight is significantly heavier than a Glock, but again magnitudes shorter and crisper than the Glock.

    Hang on, I'm gettin' there, I know this is about SA/DA shots.

    Once the take up is out of the trigger, the LEM reminds me of a heavy (but not too heavy) 1911 SA trigger. It's like you increase the force on the trigger and suddenly it breaks, but there's little if any perception of motion until it breaks. The reset is much longer than a 1911, close to what a Glock's reset is.

    Sooo, I said all that to say this. After a bit of acclimation to the trigger, I realize it's more like a SA trigger than a DA trigger. It's almost like you get the best of both worlds - the inherent safety of a longer trigger pull and the crisp break and short travel of a SA.

    With that kind of trigger the DA/SA issue for precision or long range sorta goes away.

    I've ordered a reduced power trigger rebound spring and firing pin block spring. This seems to be the safe way to lighten the trigger pull without lightening the hammer strike. Ostensibly, it will reduce the break pull weight from about 8.25# to about 5.5#. But I don't know if it needs to be that light. I think 6.5# would be great! So I may not replace both springs.

    Hmmm, I better call them and see if they shipped my springs; they ought to be getting here by now.

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    I'm flexible...

    Depends on what I've got.

    I normally carry either a LW Commander or a K frame revolver.

    My 'games' are Bullseye (NRA 2700) and PPC.

    For any given shot, the Commander is fired SA and the K frame is fired DA. That is what works best for me. As odd as it sounds, I can shoot tighter groups using the revolver and DA mode than I can fire it SA. I'm not really sure any more if I'm better with the Commander or the K frame - they're about even.

    I would not attempt a precision shot with the DA function of a DA/SA autopistol. They just don't work right for me.
    So I'm an old dog; my old tricks still work.

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    I don't practice as much as I should in DA mode with my USP. For long shots though SA is the only way for me if an option. With a revo. I would definately go with SA for long precision shots too.

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    I can't help but wonder, for those of us that shoot DA/SA guns, do we fire more rounds in DA or SA?
    I fire more rounds in SA - but when I do holster practice, I hit the decocking lever and draw as I would from the holster with the hammer down.

    As far as shots at distance, it's going to depend on how much time I have - if I have the time to do proper happy 100m DA form, I most certainly have the time to pull the hammer back as well.

    In an actual defensive use last year, I had plenty of time to pull the hammer back when the idiot didn't respond to the Sig 12" from his forehead and order him to back up slowly and carefully.

    The appreciable and practical differences between the SA and DA on my polished and tuned little monsters aren't enough to matter a whole lot - but I'll take every advantage I can get in the real world.
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