What are common tactics?

What are common tactics?

This is a discussion on What are common tactics? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen in more than one thread scattered comments about strategic tactics. For example, when sitting in a restaurant, always choose a certain table ...

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Thread: What are common tactics?

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    What are common tactics?

    I have seen in more than one thread scattered comments about strategic tactics. For example, when sitting in a restaurant, always choose a certain table by an exit, etc.

    I have never had such training and I was wondering if we could get a thread going (or point me to a thread that already discussed this) and have people list out common tactics they use everyday should the SHTF and WHY. I would then be willing to compile them in one spot so that maybe they can be linked to for everyone to see.
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    Never look like a victim. Carry yourself well and with confidence. Thugs will always look for the weakest victim. Dump that Rolex, it just screams "Here's a guy with a ton of money, look at me". While driving, don't look at the drivers of other cars. Many shootings have happened when the other guy thinks you were staring him down (especially in border states). Learn to trust your instincts. If you're married, try to get your spouse to obtain a CCL, even if it's just to hold your weapon in her purse. If she chooses to carry also, try to agree on the same weapon platform, so either can comfortably use the other's gun. Doesn't have to be the same size or caliber (although magazine compatability would be nice). Have the guts to recognize a potential threat and walk by like they don't exist. Quickly crossing the street or turning around is like running from a nasty dog, you'll just get chased. Finally for now...a gun is no good if it's not on you! I'll think of more later. Good idea for a thread!

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    Always carry, everywhere. If not legal to do so, go elsewhere.

    Steps to take when approaching your car in a parking area: click.

    Hotel room invasion tips: click.

    Risks of opening the door at home, without positive confirmation of who it is: click.

    Campsite defense considerations: click.

    Bug-out tips: click.
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    In restaurants, I always like to be able to see the front door and who's coming and going, an always pick a booth instead of a table out in the middle of the floor. I'm usually aware of any potential barricades such as the salad bar, and locations of emergency/fire exits. I'll also always sit next to the aisle.

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    `Every situation is different, so a lot of the "tactics" boil down to common sense and just thinking things through as best as you can before they happen. Despite the common notion, you cannot be trained into thinking this way, you have to do it yourself. I can type pages and pages of tricks, tactics and cheats, but it will do you no good at all if your not in the right mindset.
    Its kinda like asking somebody to teach you to drive defensive or drive at all for that matter. It cant be done in typed word alone.

    I have lots in my bag of tricks that just come from time thinking, watching others about it and doing it rather than learning from others.
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    Just thought I would throw this in too...

    In a shooting situation, (shooting tactics), you will only do whatever you have practiced!
    If you want to learn a "tactic" you must practice it. Watching videos and reading books are a good place to start but those "tactics" will not be part of your response until you have developed muscle memory through practice practice practice!

    "Repetition in the mother of skill"
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    keep your eyes open! its hard to do sometimes, but dont let yourself slip away into condition white.
    most important tactic you can have is to be aware

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    Simple tactics that work anywhere:

    Stay clear of blind corners and doors. - If you are walking down a street stay well clear of dark alleys and cracked doorways.

    In buildings try to sit near a fire exit or at least identify the closest one. - Sometimes the best couese of action is a hasty retreat by you and your family.

    Limit avenues of approach. In parking lot put obstacles between you and any avenue of approach. If you are putting packages in a car, put the door behind you and the cart in front of you. This will limit anyone's ability to get directly at you. At ATM's find one that limits access. The one I go to is a dual machine with glass walls and overhead cover. When I'm using it I try to use the one in the back and I turn so I can see anyone entering.

    Identify threats before they identify you. Always look around. At anyone moving towards you or at any changes in the enviroment like people standing up or entering. Look at faces and at hands.

    Communicate. - If people are moving towards me I like to say "good morning" or "how are you". I like to let them know I see them and recognize their presence.

    Provide a hard target - If you look like a target you will be one. Keep your head up, be aware of your surroundings. Devise little plans for wherever you are at that moment - play the "what if" game - if A happens, you will do B.

    Recognize dangerous places - There are some places you just shouldn't go. Just because you have a gun doesn't mean it is now ok to go there. While I recognize that we are all freeborn citizens and we can go anywhere we choose, that may not always be the smartest thing to do even if you do carry a gun. The Waffle Shoppe near the clubs in the bad side of town isn't the best place to be a 3 am.
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