On Saturday 16 February 2008, Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC will be running a program Identified as "The Gauntlet", this program is designed to provide the participant with an opportunity which is rarely available to private citizens outside of the "Major Training Schools".

The original custom hybrid training course which was scheduled and is listed below this thread has been replaced with this program.

Basic Description of "The Gauntlet"?

Basically the gauntlet is a 1/4 - 3/8's of a mile judgmental shooting course of fire which requires the participant to utilize the following tactical shooting skills and techniques:

Drawing from the holster
Transitioning from "Short Arm" to "Long Arm" and back
Tactical movement
Rapid decision making
Reloading / Stoppage clearing
Combat accuracy

The program will begin at 8:00am on Saturday 16 February 2008 in Colchester, CT. with a live fire warm-up / train-up period where those who require basic instruction in tactical shooting skills will be attended too. Following this period, a MANDATORY safety and control briefing will be conducted before the course will begin.

Ammunition Requirements:

The ammunition requirement for "The Gauntlet" itself is 100 rnds of Rifle and 100 rnds of Handgun. However, anyone who desires to engage in the warm-up or train-up will require additional ammunition.


The cost per person for this program is $95.00 plus ammunition and pre-registration is required no later than Wednesday 13 February 2008 which can be completed securely by following this link with either a Visa, MasterCard or Discover:


Anyone who would like additional information is asked to contact the Training Division of Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC at: training@wa-protective.com

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
President / Chief Instructor

Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC
Williams Associates Protective Services - Firearms Training & Executive Security