Here is my limited review. It is limited because I also worked the event.The event is held at the Memphis Police Training facility-which is freakin' NICE. This is one of the PREMIERE training events in the country every year and all serious gunmen really should attend at least once.

Being on the staff, I RO'd the indoor stages of the match from 7Am to noon on Saturday. Afterward I was able to attend Haney Mahmoud's "Responding to Active Shooters" presentation. He covered material in respect to closing with and dealing with active shooters and the moral,legal and safety issues associated. He discussed IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and the fact that they could be encountered in an active shooter scenario.The shooters at Columbine had 26 IEDs between them on their person when they were killed.As gun people we don't immediately think about explosive devices, but if forced to react to an active shooter that could well be an issue you are forced to deal with.

Afterward I was able to catch Steve Moses' "Dealing with MMA trained opponents" presentation, though I was getting over the flu so I just watched and took notes( but don't worry, I'll get plenty of practice when I get together with my training partners....). Steve covered likely attacks that MMA trained opponents will try to use and submission holds (read that as holds that break things) they will try to employ and ways to survive the initial attack and access your knife and escape.

Sunday morning I attended Claude Werner's "Shooting in Reaction Time" presentation on the indoor frangible range. Claude teaches at the Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay Ga. The targets used are the Rogers School targets- pneumaticly driven targets where the head rises and appears for a set amount of time and the target is engaged with the specified # of shots and then the head shot within that time frame. If you don't shoot QUICKLY you cannot make the times. After the class was over I was honored that Claude asked me to join him and Mike Benedict to "play" with the target system. We dialed the time down to 1 second and shot (or tried...) head shots from concealment at 5 yards in ONE second.

I then went to Tom Givens' lecture on 7 selected shootings that his students have been involved in. Tom has had close to 50 (yes 50)student involved shootings in the last decade. Tom therefor has about the best database of real shootings involving civilians in the US. I have seen this before in classes and at NTI , but it never gets old and I get something new out of it every time.

Afterwards I reported back to the indoor range to RO for a couple of hours as we got the last of the shooters run through the match course. Then it was off to the class room to do my presentation on "Dynamic Movement-Get Off the X". Afterwards the awards for the match winners were handed out and door prizes were handed out.

Just as last year, it was an EXCELLENT event, a supreme success, and the greatest value in training available at about $8 per instructor by the time you divide the #of trainers by the dollar amount the attendees had to pay to attend.

The scores are posted at RANGEMASTER - Proven techniques, tactics, and thinking for the real world.