Hi Ya'll,

Here are some classes that we (DPRC) are offering this year.


2008 NRA Basic Pistol and NC Concealed Carry Handgun Courses

NRA Basic Pistol Course Dates:
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th
September 13th
October 11th

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Dates:
April 19th
May 17th
June 21th
September 20th
October 18th

All classes are a minimum of 8 hours each, including range time.

*Note* (More dates are possible if demand warrants)

NRA Basic Pistol only - $40.00
NRA and Concealed Carry - $75.00

Duane Guyer

Pre-registration is required.
Classes will be limited to no more than 20 students per class.
To obtain NC CCH certification, BOTH classes must be taken. If a conflict occurs, the student may schedule another class that is convenient to them.

Students need to bring the following to each class:
1) A holstered or cased handgun
2) At least 50 rounds of ammunition per each class
3) Hearing Protection
4) Eye Protection

Students are NOT to bring loaded handguns into the classroom. All classes will be held at the DPRC Clubhouse. All classes will start at 8:00 am on Saturday. Directions to DPRC will be provided as part of pre-registration.

If you have any questions, contact Duane or myself.