Getting ready- in general

Getting ready- in general

This is a discussion on Getting ready- in general within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When reading about all the BG's that are out there, how fast and in how many ways things can go down.. How do you prepare ...

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Thread: Getting ready- in general

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    Getting ready- in general

    When reading about all the BG's that are out there, how fast and in how many ways things can go down..

    How do you prepare your self? To think about any and every possible incident out there? How do you prepare your self to avoid and in worst case take another life? How do you train and how to picture things up in your head on how things will be going down?

    Do you feel that you have managed to though and covered every angle of things that can go down up in your head, and talked about it to your better half and or kids?

    I feel that my hubby do not understand things when I tell him about how I want him to react in episodes and he says am just being paranoid..How can get him to open his eyes and see we live in dangerous world where things can go wrong very quickly?

    I have been trying to increase his lever of alertness when out walking and in observe how people act and what they are wearing..To see if he can remember peoples clothing when come back out to the car but he only laughs off me..

    Any tips? Any advise? Any histories?

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    Taking a good self defense class and (or better , several) and training regularly will help to make your response more automatic . You cannot force someone who doesn't wish to have the proper mind set to learn situational awareness.
    You can try by showing him news articles on bad happenings in your area(may or may not work). But ultimately most people seem to need a personal attack to "wake them" to reality. Kids can be taught , but you need to temper any training so they do not become paranoid.
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    Have him watch the news, crime and mayhem are ALWAYS the topic.

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    So you'vre taken a basic gun safety class?

    You've taken a concealed carry class and gotten a license?
    (California? hmmm)

    You've just started.

    You need some SERIOUS training.

    Look for someone who utilizes force on force training.
    Even if you are a crack shot at 35 ft, and a good shot with time pressure, things are ENTIRELY different when you face an opponent at seven yards away with a plastic knife, or an airsoft pistol.

    You also need to evaluate your mindset.

    Lots of people, even people who carry guns, simply CAN'T BELIEVE that they will ever be in a kill or die situation, even when the situation is upon them.

    If you don't believe in your bones that that moment can/will happen, you won't be alert for threats, or worse, you'll get lazy and leave your gun home because you figure, "what could happen, I'm just going to the mall, or church, or for a drive in my SUV..."


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    +1 on taking the SD class...or more than one...
    Be very aware of everyone...every place you go...
    Trust no one...always be prepared...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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