Paul Gomez
Robust Pistol Manipulations (RPM) 3 days
June 27 to 29, 2008
Westford Sportsmen's Club, Westford, MA

The Robust Pistol Manipulation (RPM) course is a three day block of instruction which focuses on
developing consistent, non-diagnostic, combative gunhandling skills. This course is designed to
instill robust gunhandling, through the use of kinesthetic cues and physical reference points, to enable
the student to efficiently manipulate and utilize the weapon regardless of the environment or the
shooter’s relationship to it. A heavy emphasis is placed on recognizing and understanding the
concepts that drive the combative use of the handgun.
Topics covered include:
The Combative Drawstroke
Status Check
Sighting Concepts
Triggering Concepts
Non-diagnostic Stoppage Reductions
Single Hand Drawstroke [right & left]
Single Hand Reload
One Hand Slide Manipulation
One Hand Stoppage Reductions
Positional Shooting Dynamics
Equipment Required:
Cover garment, carry gear [belt, holster, mag pouch], eye & ear protection, minimum two pistol
magazines, minimum 500rds of ammunition
Cost is $400 plus the $25.00 per day range fee.
To sign up for this course:
Send a check made out to Paul Gomez for either $200.00 (deposit) or $400.00 to
James Conway
PO Box 688
Brookline, NH 03033
Please include your full contact information (Name, address, phone and email)