Just a reminder that Tom Givens from Rangemaster in Memphis will be conducting a few courses in Atlanta in just under a month. If interested AND qualified, email me at david@personaldefensetraining.com or you can get further details at Personal Defense Training - Firearms, knife and unarmed self defense instruction based in Atlanta, GA

On 5/9, there will be three short modules of:
Backup Gun 9:00-1:00- Guns & ammo furnished or you can bring yours. No prerequisites
Vehicle Defense 2:00-6:00-You'll need your own gear and 150 rounds of ammo. Proof of acceptable prior formal training required
Low Light 7:00-9:00- You'll need your own gear and 200 rounds. Proof of acceptable prior formal training required

Tuition, including range fee is $99 for one, $169 for two or $199 for all three

On 5/10-11, Dynamic Marksmanship, tuition including range fee is $375
This is a very intensive shooting class, designed to hone and refine your defensive handgun skills to a very fine edge. After a briefing the first morning, the entire class is conducted on the range, and students will fire between 1,000 and 1,500 rounds in the course of the weekend.
There is an all day session Saturday, a dim light session Saturday evening, and a full day on the range Sunday. Skills covered include shooting from unconventional positions; use of cover and returning fire accurately while using cover; extreme close quarter shooting techniques, including contact shooting; movement skills; longer range engagements and more.

Shooters are expected to have a solid grounding before this class. Prior training in Rangemaster Combative Pistol I or II, or comparable training from credible program. If in doubt, contact us.