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How Much Training Have You Had?

This is a discussion on How Much Training Have You Had? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just finished my first official training the first weekend of this month. Perroni Tactical Training Academy, 2-day Advanced Handgun Course I, by Mr. Tom Perroni. ...

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Thread: How Much Training Have You Had?

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    Just finished my first official training the first weekend of this month. Perroni Tactical Training Academy, 2-day Advanced Handgun Course I, by Mr. Tom Perroni. Excellent class; wrote up an AAR for it but haven't got around to posting it here yet. This fall I have another handgun course lined up at S2 Institute with Tim O'Rourke.

    Rifle... might be a while. Apparently books and tuition cost money.


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    Well, my father was a former MP who taught me how to shoot pistols, rifles, and shotguns all through my childhood.

    Formal training began with hunter safety course which involved some firearms specifics at age 12.
    8 hrs of classroom on VA laws and restrictions of CHP
    Handgun 1, 3 hrs classroom, 5 hrs range
    Handgun 2, 8 hrs range
    Handgun adv, 24 hrs range, 8 hrs lowlight
    30+ years of hunting and shooting.

    More classes when funds permit, until then, keep practicing, reading, and home training.
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    Not enough bandwidth here to list the formal training I've been given in firearms, edged weapons, sticks, H2h, UC work/raids/operations, counter-terrorism, surveillance, executive protection since 1969.

    39 years of training with professionals in all manner of disciplines, the list grows longer every year.

    The mind is the limiting factor

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    I've spent a few years in the Marine Corps, been a LEO and was an assistant range instructor while there. I've shot more ammo than I can count but as far as training, I'm serious when I say not enough.

    I have 4 day class scheduled toward the end of this year and am already trying to plan for more. Practice is getting harder to make happen with gas and ammo prices climbing and good instruction is expensive too.

    Still, I can't seem to ever feel like I've had enough.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    reno nevada
    4HRS basic handgun
    8hrs close range
    8hrs room clearing & sweeping
    16hrs partner and cover
    10hrs advanced tactical (running in heat)
    4hrs arm & disarm tactics
    been hunting all my life
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    Still, I can't seem to ever feel like I've had enough

    It's a good attitude to maintain throughout your life for everyone.

    You can always learn more from others, but you have to make time and the funds available to get further down that road of knowledge and skills sets.

    The mind is the limiting factor

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    2 NRA courses (nothing to do with concealed or open carry, just good for safety training)
    18 years with LE qualification training (a joke at best)
    Jim Crews - 3 day (28 hrs) defensive handgun course
    Randy Cain - 3 day (24 hrs) Tactical Handgun 101
    Gabe Suarez - 2 day Intro to Gunfighting
    Gabe Suarez - 2 day Close Range Gunfighting I
    Numerous 1 day clinics in defensive handgun tactics

    Nowhere near enough training to date.

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    My gun affair started in USMC Security Forces School when I was 17. In the fleet I went to Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor School and did a stint at Stone Bay (Lejeune) range.

    In civilian life;

    Police Academy
    Police Training Commission Firearms Instructor Course
    Glock Armorer and Instructor workshop
    Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor
    Streamlight Low Light Instructor Course
    Strategies of Low Light Engagements Instructor Course
    Active Shooter Operations Instructor
    Force on Force Simunition Instructor
    Tactical Handgun Instructor
    Sub-Gun Instructor
    Numerous other firearms related courses through Blackwater, Team One, H&K, Sig etc.

    I'm lucky that in my job as Supervising FI for my agency they send me all over for training, so I usually attend instructor level courses. In return I bring it home and conduct annual live fire training for the department. I am not a SWAT guy but I make it a point to operate at and above their level. My goal throughout my career has been to bring SWAT tactics to the street Officer.

    As a sidenote, it's funny to note that of the 8 FI's that I have with me, only two of us have any form of advanced training or career development in firearms instruction. Then they wonder why they don't get "instructor" time at annual training and quals.

    Of all the hours I have spent training the most beneficial and highly recommended course that I have attended are Paul Castle's Center Axis Relock, Mike Rayburns Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor and Ken Goods lowlight course. I highly recommend to all.

    CAR opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much more to gunhandling and recoil control. It was the gateway to adapting different techniques and styles into my own platform.

    Instinctive Point Shooting learned me point shooting and I use it to this day. This is a lethal style of shooting when done properly and should be in everyones toolbox.

    Ken Good. Enough said. This is where you go to learn to operate at night and in low light. Many can teach their variation but Strategos has the best low light training. EVER.

    On my wish list is some training with Gabe Suarez.

    Train Real - Stay Safe
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    Black belt in two forms of “the arts”

    Being raised by Hillbillies, I was given my first 22-rifle when I was 8 years old, and a box of 500 rounds of ammo every month, to practice in the backyard. By the time, I was fifteen I could drive nails at 100 yards.

    When I as sixteen, I was given a 22 western style pistol, and learned to quick draw and shoot milk jugs at 15 yards in under ½ second.

    Formal training:

    Army ROTC basic training
    Army sniper school

    Worked for Sheriffs department as an auxiliary officer for 8 years; numerous class in pistol, shotgun and H2H.

    Worked for Fed’s for over 10 years… Numerous classes in pistol 10.15.25 yards and sniper rifles drills at 100 yards.


    I visit the police range monthly and shoot about 200 rounds of 9mm, in all kinds of drills.

    Next month I’m touring a new range, that’s being build, and I’m going to sign up for all kinds of advanced pistol classes.

    As other have said, it’s not what training you’ve had but what have you done lately, that really matters.

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    100 or so hours pistol, rifle, and shotgun. As well as law class.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    Not enough. I agree with SIXTO most of what I have learned has been through teaching. This has been true in martial arts as well as firearms.

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    "Not enough" should be everyone's answer.

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    I'm going from memory here, so my numbers might be off a bit, but it's pretty close.

    CA POST level three reserve officer training-64 hours
    CA POST level two reserve officer training-40 hours
    CA POST Modular Basic Academy-40 hours
    HALO firearms training center-8 hours
    CA armed guard qualification 4 hours

    Not enough. And nothing since I've been in Oregon, which is coming up on 4 years. Gonna try to make it to Oregon Firearms Academy soon.
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    Besides my HCP permit course 8 hours
    Basic Handgun course 8 hours
    Intermediate Handgun course 8 hours
    Defensive Pistol 1 course 16 hours (second 8 hours tomorrow) this course is with LMS Defense.
    Its always a great day, if you don't believe me try missing one.
    NRA, TFA, IDPA, 3 Gun

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    I had a two day course for my Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) involving study, lessons and a written/practical test with deactivated firearms.

    I did a 2 day course for my “black Badge” which is a requirement for IPSC u here. Basically a holster use course and a test on the IPSC rules

    I spend about 4 hrs every month taking a “Skills & Drills” class focusing on basic pistol technique, aiming, grip, holster, reloading , etc based on IPSC. Generally about 250rds each night

    I have taken 2 nights of Advanced Pistol Craft based the tactical use of pistols in a firefight, focus on tactics, use of cover, assessment, etc. About 350rds each night

    Plus I shoot for about 3-4 hrs every weekend.

    I wish I could do more but the bullet budget is getting strained and the more advanced classes are at a range over 1 hr away.

    I also had army training on pistols (BHP’s) but I managed to learn how to properly shoot despite that training.

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