Shooting Gangsta Style - Any Benefits To It?

Shooting Gangsta Style - Any Benefits To It?

This is a discussion on Shooting Gangsta Style - Any Benefits To It? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The other day I was talking w/my son & daughter-in-law and she said something that I found unbelievable. What she said was that in small ...

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Thread: Shooting Gangsta Style - Any Benefits To It?

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    Shooting Gangsta Style - Any Benefits To It?

    The other day I was talking w/my son & daughter-in-law and she said something that I found unbelievable.

    What she said was that in small arms training, in Navy boot camp (back in 1996), the instructor had them fire a few mags gangsta style. He had them just aim down the slide and blast away. This wasn't just some Navy guy, this was a 'real deal', Marine Corp Gunnery Sgt. firearms instructor.

    How did she do? She said she was shooting at 7 yds. and put them all in the center of the human silhouette as did nearly everyone else.

    What advantage, if any, is there to shooting gangsta style? I can see that jerking the trigger wouldn't take your muzzle off the target, only move it down but still on the center line of the target.
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    I've never actually tried it. Always thought it was just an attempt at looking cute in the movies.

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    It's a cool thing to do if you like the taste of brass.

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    I've read that it's a way to get around eye/hand cross dominance, to tilt the pistol a bit, but that's still only supposed to be like a 45 degree angle at most, looking through the sights. As far as sighting down the side of the slide, don't know why one would do that.

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    Hold the pistol sideways up over your head and forward with a limp noodle wrist and help Push The Bullets Out Of The Front Of The Gun by shoving the gun forward as you jerk the trigger back and make SURE you don't hit anything for the true gangsta shooting technique.

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    Oh, I've tried it, and laughed at the results. I point shoot. I rarely use the sights for anything under 45 feet (my vision correction takes way too long to get the sights in focus).

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    I've heard it makes your pants sag...
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    Cock your hat sideways and flash some gold teeth,

    cause it does have some merit. The Gunney knows what he is talking about. When one handed combat shooting, hold your pistol with a slight cant inward, at about a 45 degree angle. This provides a much stronger, natural grip and will improve your point shooting accuracy and speed.

    So, gangster shooting like QK described has no merit, but canting your gun certainly does.
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    I have done it while shooting one-handed and it is better (with the gun at 45 degrees not 90). I have also shot the gun at 90 degrees while behind a barricade at IDPA matches. This allows me to stay behind cover better when shooting around a barricade on my weak hand side. It does take some practice but it does keep most of my body behind cover.

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    The key is to use the natural cant of the arm. Shooting with the gun sideways is usually too much rotation.

    It will help tremendously with recoil management. The impulse doesn't 'snap' at the wrist as happens when you hold the gun vertical, instead, it pushes your entire arm back and the shoulder moves.

    So instead of a lever arm flipping up and down, it is more like a piston, moving back and forth.

    When I teach this technique, I relate it to punching as taught in most of the martial arts, there's usually at least one in the class who has had some kind if martial arts training, and that makes for a good description and follow up demonstration. In the arts, you are taught to rotate the wrist when you punch. Why? Because of the bone alignment in your wrist. If you rotate your wrist when you punch the hand will not move in relation to your arm. I.E., the wrist is "locked" and does not "snap".


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    I first tired it several years ago at out Dept. qualification shoot. Our Training Instructor has been to one of the FBI ranges to learn some tricks and had us try it out.

    At first, I was somewat annoyed about that, something about it just didnt seem right.I actually thought that he was pulling our leg. He wasnt.

    There is a reason for it. Put your arms by your side and with one of them point at something. You 'll notice that your hand is naturally angled and your thumb is horizontal rather than verticle. Its a natural motion.

    If your thumb is pointing straight up, like most of us have been taught since we we kids, you have to make an effort to keep your gun straight up and down for sight alignment. With the natural motion, you gun is angled and you are at a close enough range that you should'nt be using your sights anyway.

    Its supposed to be quicker and ergonomic. You draw, you fire, its supposed to be quicker.

    At first it looks wierd and wrong, but with a bit of practice its not hard to do.

    We only did this at contact,3,5 and 7 yards BTW. Since I shot center mass at that range anyway, I saw no improvement but some did.
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    Only if you are doing a gangsta movie..............
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    I'm picturing the muzzle flip when holding the pistol with a normal grip, I still have the target somewhat in my range of aim.

    Cock it to the side like a gangsta an when the muzzle flips I am now to the left of the target, unless I am shooting Fat Albert I no longer have any of the target in my range of aim.

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    I think we've kinda mixed two things: one, gangsta style, and two, a slight cant of the gun used for one-handed shooting.

    In the gangsta style the gun is rotated 90° from vertical. In my limited experimenting with this style, recoil management was degraded, and as Paco pointed out, recoil direction is altered from a vertical plane, in line with the longest axis of the threat I might add, while the 90° position generates recoil in a horizontal plane.

    Again, just considering the gangsta style, there is no help with recoil travel distance and no help with recoil recovery by gravity. In the vertical or near vertical position at least gravity helps reduce recoil travel and helps to bring the gun back down on target.

    The second, and somewhat off topic issue is a slight cant of the gun when shooting one handed. Some find that a slight cant helps them control the gun, or align the sights, or is just more comfortable and all that's fine. I personally can live with or without a cant unless I'm shooting from my left hand which creates a cross dominate eye situation. I do prefer a slight cant for better sight alignment in that case.

    My only concern about cant, even slight cant, is that it produces a slightly different indexing picture than normal two-handed shooting with a vertical gun alignment.

    The thing is, everything will work, many things work well, one can even be accurate with gangsta style - probably not fast, but accurate, but not everything works optimally.
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    if you ever shoot gangsta style, you will need these:

    Let's Roll - Todd Beamer


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