Once more I'm asking you guys for a little help. Me and some of my buddies have been running some small IDPA style COF's in the desert for the past two months or so. Unfortunately one of us will be leaving for Korea next month, so before he leaves we're planning a big shoot.

Like I said this will be the last time my buddy shoots with us, so we're having a little fun with it. The idea for this whole COF is that zombies have risen. So head shots only, and some heads will have tannerite behind them (long range targets only).

I'm looking for some help coming up with inexpensive reactive targets, barriers and such. I've already been to FreeIdaho and will be making wooden reactive targets (dropping targets) and the Jumping Jack Flash (rising targets).

Any other ideas, or experiences that have worked well before? Thanks.

By the way, if anyone was curious, we have lots of viking smilies, lots of devil smilies, and even a Freddy Kreuger, and Zorro smilie, but we don't have any zombie smilies!