I just found out everything ( all the bad habits) I had been teaching myself was wrong, well almost everything about shooting a pistol. I just accomplished this basic handgun course at Home - Firearms Training Associates - Orange County California

Now let me tell you about this course, it is two days saturday and sunday and is from nine am to five pm. The Saturday class is lecture and safety for the first few hours then lunch then you will shoot up to 200 to 250 rounds at paper targets. The Saturday drills accomplish correct draw, clear, slap, and fire and you progress up to a controlled pair with the correct finger,trigger control, this is where I learned how to release the trigger on my Nighthawk only to the release point then resqueze where I had been slapping the trigger before from going to the range on my own and always releasing it then taking another shot, also they teach correct front sight focus with repeated shooting from the 3,5,7,10,15 yard marks expanding your shooting to two targets with a controlled pair and a single fail safe (head shot). The Sunday course consisted of short lecture in the morning then rehash of the Saturday course and then paper targets up to three controlled shots from the 3,5,7 yard marks then paper targets progressing up to shooting two then three targets from the 7 yard marks progressing to controlled pair on each target with a single fail safe (head shot), then you go to the steel targets and accomplish close to the same drills there from the 10 and 15 yard markers. Then after lunch you accomplish the failure drills with your pistol in the first stage, second stage, and third stage with live fire. This is followed by shooting on the move at paper targets while walking forward from the 25 yard marker and engaging the single target with controlled pair when told to by the range master and when close to the 3 yard marker taking the single fail safe ( head shot) then repeating this while walking in reverse back to the 25 yard marker (one of the other guys at the range has a finger in your back belt loop and watches the line so nobody gets ahead of the other persons fireing at the same time) they also teach you how to walk correctly in reverse and forward when shooting. Then there are drill movements while walking from the left to right and then right to left engageing up to three targets while on the move and useing a controlled pair on each target,(remember this is live fire exercise). So far all shooting had been done with the two hand hold but on the right to left walking movement exercise the pistol was in the single hand hold and I was taught how to correctly hold the pistol while fireing a controlled pair at the three targets while walking. The next class was engaging targets from the 3,5,7,10,15,and 25 yard line with a controlled pair and a single fail safe (head shot), then it was clear weapons and receive the well earned certificate. I will be going to the advanced handgun course without mention and I have allready paid a holding fee. This course is 10 percent off if paid in full ten days before the class starts and 20 percent off once you have accommplished a class and take others. I can not stress this enough you have to take a course with your pistol to see what you are doing wrong and what to do right. I did.