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This is a discussion on Magazine Changes within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Tom, A trade off between speed and other considerations seems to be common. As you point out in your last post, the slide release lever ...

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Thread: Magazine Changes

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    A trade off between speed and other considerations seems to be common. As you point out in your last post, the slide release lever maximizes drill speed - assuming one doesn't miss the slide release. If one does miss it, the speed advantage is gone.

    So the issue becomes is it likely that someone would miss the slide release under intense stress? I think there are two situations where there is an increased possibility that one could miss the slide release. One, is where a person doesn't have the reps needed to really perfect the method. Of course it could be argued that if they don't have the reps for that method, they wouldn't have the reps for the slide rack either - maybe that's true, unsubstantiated, but still a possibility. The other situation would be where the person, for whatever reason, his gun went down, he's started carrying a new gun, whatever, and the mag release lever is in a different location. In this latter case, a slide rack would work where the slide release lever may not.

    Hence the trade off. There is no doubt in my mind that a properly executed slide lever release is the fastest way to release the slide, but the operative words here are "properly executed". This goes back to how many people, especially on this forum, perform reloads enough and often enough to stay sharp enough to perform a slide lock lever release under intense stress?

    I know many feel like they could, but they've never really been tested under stress. I'm not talking about the few that practice a lot, but the majority that understand how but have little actual practice doing it, and essentially no experience under stess.

    I'm not disagreeing with you at all about the slide lock lever being fast, nor would I say that it shouldn't be used. But I will say, the slide lever release method enhances speed, but may be compromising reliabilty for many. If the person misses the slide lock lever, it's gonna likely take longer to recover than to have racked the slide to begin with.

    Also, the slide lever method of releasing the slide seems in conflict with racking the slide after every reload. While some disagreed with the idea, I thought it was an excellent idea. The trade off here is reliability vs round capacity. Racking the slide does waste a round, but eliminates any possibility of the gun winding up unchambered. Of course I don't worry about wasting a round because I have 18 to start with. But going from a slide rack after a reload to a slide lever release introduces a second reload method that could cause confusion under stress.
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    I agree 100%


    I could not agree with you more!

    However as you have pointed out practice is the key! I am very fortunate that I get to shoot and train every day.

    So I teach both methods and let the student decide what best suits their particular need. More tools for the tactical tool box so to speak.


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