Tactical movment practice?

Tactical movment practice?

This is a discussion on Tactical movment practice? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone pratice tactical movment at a paintball park? Shoot, Movement and cover. Another thread started with the "no closer then arms length" for cover. ...

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Thread: Tactical movment practice?

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    Tactical movment practice?

    Does anyone pratice tactical movment at a paintball park?
    Shoot, Movement and cover.

    Another thread started with the "no closer then arms length" for cover. This to me was old news because of doing paintball with my son. Is this common for CCW holders?

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    I don't play often. The last time I played, a few years ago, I fared better than the other people (I was with a group from the karate school I trained at at the time).

    I got a lot of hits on legs/knees, arms, and heads because people let too much of their bodies show around or over cover. On a side note, watching someone drop their gun 'cause you shot them in the hands is hilarious (they usually also jump so you can pop them a few more times).
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    I've never shot paintball...but I do this quite often in and around my home...I am full aware of the shadows, cover, and line of sight in various areas of the property.

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    Haven't played in a while...but I enjoy the sport. I feel it is more geared toward military tactics/senerios as opposed to defensive handgun fighting, but offers some lessons in cover and makes you get that fuzzy feeling when paint filled projectiles are buzzing by your head at 300 ft/sec.

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