First Aid Training

First Aid Training

This is a discussion on First Aid Training within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The thread about reacting to the bad guy after you have been shot got me thinking about a conversation on another forum. While we are ...

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Thread: First Aid Training

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    First Aid Training

    The thread about reacting to the bad guy after you have been shot got me thinking about a conversation on another forum.

    While we are gun guys and although it is a lot of fun to get training in the defensive use of a handgun, we are probably more likely to need first aid training than we are to actually have to shoot a bad guy.

    That's just my gut feeling. I don't have any statistics to support that belief, I just feel that way.

    So with that in mind, how many of you get regular first aid training?

    This question is more for the citizen than for the LEO or EMT guys who probably are required to know a certain level of first aid.

    I am trying to get signed up for a first aid/CPR class as soon as I can.

    The other related thought came to me after I watched our computer consultant pull from a fanny pack, the necessary equipment: flash drives, tools, etc needed to do his job.

    Does anyone carry any basic first aid stuff with them?

    I thought a fanny pack with certain basic stuff for first aid/trauma aid would be a nice thing to have with me (after I learn what the heck to do with it).

    Any comments? Questions? Snide Remarks?
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    You are absolutely correct, you are far more likely to need to administer first aid to someone than you are to shoot someone, and the most likely person you will need to render first aid to will be a family member or friend. I get first aid/cpr training every year at work. I have a first aid kit, cpr protective barrier and gloves at home and in all my vehicles. I have had occasion to use my first aid kit twice in the last few years, but I've never had occasion to use my gun. I will still continue to carry both every day though.
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    Here's a starting point, from the forum's how-to section:
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    I get Adult and Infant&Child CPR every year and First Aid every three. I am thinking of going and attend my EMT basic course when I have some free time and am not swamped by getting things ready for my wedding and all the other important things going on.
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    I highly recommend anyone/everyone to at least stay up to date with taking a CPR/Basic First Aid course.

    I'm a medical student so I kinda have to go through the whole BLS/ACLS thing, but I also recently took a Wilderness First Aid course and really enjoyed it, very practical as well.

    You can do a search for any local offerings. I took mine through the American Safety and Health Institute where it was offered at a local community college.
    American Safety & Health Institute

    Regardless, CPR and then a decent First Aid course are always worth the time.

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    I've taken basic first aid and CPR although its been awhile back and am sure many things have changed. It wouldnt hurt me to have a refresher course. I have first aid kits at home, office, camper and truck. I spend alot of time in the outdoors and have yet to need a type of trauma kits. Always a first time though.

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    Although I'm not required to by employment (I'm retired), I keep my CPR and Advanced First Aid certification thru the American Heart Association up to date.

    I keep a CPR barrier mask and gloves in my vehicle first aid kit.

    Ya never know.

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    I have to get First Aid/CPR certified for work.
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    Paramedic here. Like most of us, I keep a basic kit in the car, at home, and in my range bag. In addition to first aid and CPR, you might find a C.E.R.T. class. Good disaster first aid and other skills.
    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
    Some of the medical and fire videos are here. Good stuff for you and for the community.

    If I was looking for a piece of first aid equipment to carry and space was a premium, the one and only thing I would carry is a roll of sterile Krimptex or Kerlix gauze. Krimptex Sterile Bandage,4-1/2"x4Yds, White
    Kerlix Gauze - Kerlix Gauze Bandage 55 Rolls - Kerlix Wound Care - Allegro Medical Supplies
    Just something I pulled off of Google, never shopped here.

    Hard to find a pic, but it's a very fluffy open weave roll of gauze. Absorbs a lot more than plain surgical gauze and you can stuff it into a hole or wrap it around a wound. The pouch is also plastic backed to seal an open wound if needed. I work a detail at Nascar where space in gear is a premium and we carry or wear all our supplies, including food and drinks, for the day and that gauze is the one thing I keep in my stuff.

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    Have trained in the past

    Have up to date CPR and basic first aid cards for work issues. Have been a lifeguard and EMT certed in past years and received a good amount of training through jobs/ V.F.D. also grew up with a mother who was a nurse and learned how to fix myself up in the kitchen. (She never seemed to want to go back to work after she got off )I always have a basic kit in my cars, with at least latex gloves and CPR barrier. My trucks kit even has an up to date epi pen. For the rest, in true back country or SHTF situations you can get pretty creative with a couple acohol pads, a tube of super glue, a roll of tape and the clothes on your back.

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    Training is great, but certification is not a good idea unless it is needed for your job.
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    I always have my Boo Boo Kit and Trauma Kit in my Bag of Evil and know how to use it. The Boo Boo kit has seen lots of action. Too many folks have Asherman Chest Seals and Quick Clot but not one damn band aide.

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    Based on my training you can forget about CPR when it comes to dealing with gunshot wounds. If they ain't breathing because of loss of blood, then for get it. They are dead. CPR doesn't work if their is no blood left in the body.

    It is important to train and be prepared for these situations.

    P.S. I am not a doctor. I just play one on TV.

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    I have a CPR/first aid class coming up on Saturday and an OSHA blood borne class coming up a little later. After that, they have to be reviewed every year.
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