Need/want better training

Need/want better training

This is a discussion on Need/want better training within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Greetings. I'm the the Arlington, TX area - I would like to get some good defensive training - but unfortunately I can't afford the really ...

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Thread: Need/want better training

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    Need/want better training

    Greetings. I'm the the Arlington, TX area - I would like to get some good defensive training - but unfortunately I can't afford the really expensive stuff like Flying out to NV to Frontsight.

    I just moved here, and had to change careers. So, my finances took a big hit. ANything good, but still cheap? I know, asking alot
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    I may be in your exact shoes in 1 yr. Planning to move to Arlington area. Interested in the responses to this thread.

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    You might take a look at these folks: KR Training
    They are a couple hours away but I took a course from them earlier this year and was impressed.

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    It would be a drive for you, but I hear Adrenaline Proving Grounds is good.

    I am not sure about their rates though.
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    Here's a couple other places near DFW that are supposed to be good although I don't have any experience with them: TDSA: High-performance shooting instruction in the Dallas area
    Tac Pro Shooting Center - The future of firearms training

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    I can only tell you about AZ but I'd think it's similar to TX.

    Almost every gun shop has some training courses. One of our Community Colleges has several training courses. There are quite a few instructors who advertise in the papers or forums. I know there are Tx shooters forums.

    Each course will be a little different, some fairly informal, some formal. For all the similarities there will still be some differences in training and techniques.

    The classes are really inexpensive when you think about what you get. Take several!

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    Tac Pro in Mingus, Tx.
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    I can't answer specifics about stuff in your area, but think outside of the box a little; the biggest overlooked area of training has nothing to do with shooting the gun. Its legal aspects of before and after the shooting occurs. Consider taking a citizens police academy, maybe attend some basic legal courses at the community college... you get the idea.
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    Well if you want very good training check out John Farnam Defense Training International, Inc.

    He has several classes in TX

    Also Look at Tom Givens RANGEMASTER - Proven techniques, tactics, and thinking for the real world.

    I took a class from him in TX and man it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first class...

    And like others have said look around at the local gun ranges you might find some good training that way. But go to the "big names" as well..

    Good luck

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    ...has courses near you. As mentioned before, classes from Farnam and Givens are top-shelf.

    Bookmark these two places too:

    Tactical Response

    Yavapai Firearms Academy

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    You don't have to travel out of state to get good training. There are some excellent traveling instructors like Givens & Farnam that travel here to teach classes. There's also Tac Pro & KR training that have much to offer.

    Tom Givens, IIRC he is coming to TX in 2009. Send an e-mail & ask

    Tac Pro
    KR training
    John Farnam

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