Drawing at the Range

Drawing at the Range

This is a discussion on Drawing at the Range within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do any of the ranges you shoot at let you practice drawing from concealment or any holster? Excluding LEOs I'ts very frustrating not being able ...

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Thread: Drawing at the Range

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    Unhappy Drawing at the Range

    Do any of the ranges you shoot at let you practice drawing from concealment or any holster? Excluding LEOs

    I'ts very frustrating not being able to practice live fire or realistic type training.
    I've gone to some of the defensive pistol clubs, but you don't get to practice, you only usually get to shoot 3 stages with long waits in between.

    I'ts great to find all theese drills to practice, but where??

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    Dayton, Nevada
    We are blessed with a lot of open desert around here so I don't go to the "range"... too darn many rules. I have my own targets so I can run my own drills and draw from concealment.
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    Hopewell, Va
    I belong to two ranges, both rural. I usually go at odd times, so there are few other shooters, no problems yet.

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    I belong to a range and I shoot at my own house.

    I practice the draw at both places. When shooting steel plates for time, you start with your hands at shoulder level and when the beeper goes off, you draw and fire.

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    Apr 2008
    I have no idea. I just do it. No problems.
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    Dec 2007
    Fayetteville, AR
    I'm usually the only one at the range when I go. Benefits of a crazy work schedule and off during weekdays I guess. I have the place to myself around 90% of the time. I do practice my draw from concealment with summer or winter attire.

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    Seattle, WA
    Out of my 3 local ranges, one allows holster draw IF you become a member and complete one of their overpriced classes.

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    West Palm Beach, Florida
    My "metro" range allows it at 2 or 3 lanes (at one side).These lanes have the shooting shelf unlocked so you can lower it out of the way.
    I think they allow it only for people they know and only strong side holsters.

    This is as slight offset to the fact that they don't allow outside ammo.
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    Yes, you can draw from a holster but you have to 'qualify' with the range master and pay a one time $15 fee.
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    I voted I can shoot on my on property...even though it's not mine, it's a friends. Still...no worries...I can draw, run, shoot from cover, whatever I want. I'm very fortunate.
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    I shoot at a forest service range and there are no restrictions.

    I get there early before anyone else shows up
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I belong to a range and I shoot at my own house.
    Wow shooting at your house... that siding must get expensive after a while

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    Jul 2006
    Fairly rural club, here, set amongst several ridges/valleys on the edge of town. On the IPSC / "action" range, any sort of handling for training is allowed. Law enforcement and CHL folks train there, including specific courses of fire, clearing drills, drawing from cover, drawing and reholstering.

    But then, much like dry fire at home with "snap caps," one can easily train with a "blue" (training) gun. That way, you can get 100x the training time as opposed to waiting for range time.
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    One range I go to will allow me to draw & shoot if the range is not too busy. Good fellas that support IDPA and IPSC shooters and we respond in kind by reverting to normal rules when regular shooters are around.
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    Las Vegas
    I'm honestly not sure what the range's rules are. I might do a couple combat draws while I shoot at the range but I don't overdo it.
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