Yesterday I had a pleasant, informative and fun experience attending the Basic Tactical Carbine class at Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy; I was so pleased that I want to share my thoughts and observations which I hope will be beneficial to others. My assessment is based on my firearms experiences as Marine Artilleryman and the training that I have taken to secure my CCW permits for five states: DE, NH, VA, FL, PA this coupled with the fact that I am employed as a technical sales manager and trainer; I can without reservation recommend the Basic Tactical Carbine Class and by association Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy in general. I took the class not for any "practical" reason but simply as an opportunity to increase my skill level with a tool that I own and in the expectation that I would have some fun in the process, no doubt I achieved both of these goals.

The staff for the class included Tom Perroni as the primary instructor with two very knowledgeable and helpful assistant instructors plus two armorers which allowed for group and one on one training. Tom has excellent skills as a presenter and is in my assessment very knowledgeable on the subject of firearms and firearm handling. The class began with a couple hours of classroom time in a very nice boardroom type setting where we addressed a host of subjects. First and foremost Tom emphasized firearm safety; we then reviewing the basic function and nomenclature for the AR platform as well as the fundamentals of sighting and handling of the AR carbine. I think this was very helpful for most of the 12 people in the class and an excellent refresher for those of us who had previous training on the AR or M-16. We then transited to Tom's outdoor range where we did some basic sighting in on paper targets I think Tom wanted to be sure that no one was going to through rounds over the berm. The meat of the class was spent firing our carbines at steel targets; we fired on the steel targets while learning to effectively use cover "rolling right and left" then while shooting on the move and tactically reloading our rifles. Tom also had us fire using his old and well used Chevy Suburban as cover and practiced reloading and transiting to our pistols from firing our carbines. I am a very good shot (expert) with a rifle but learned a lot from the class specifically regarding how to employ the short barrel of the carbine in situations and circumstances that I never practiced or trained previously.

My experience was a little unique compared to the rest of the class as my DPMS AP4 was the only carbine chambered for .308, everyone else used 5.56 mm carbines, the AP4 is somewhat new to me, I bought it earlier this past spring and this was the first opportunity I had to really run round through it (less than 1000 rounds before yesterday all slow fire), what a treat this gun is. Also, as an aside, I decided to take this class on short notice and could not find quantities of 308 except from Wolf; the polymer coated rounds shot fine and when I cleaned the gun this morning it was no dirtier than what I would have expected.

In closing you should know that I have not had any previous dealing personally or professionally with Tom or Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy; this is an unbiased account of the class an my impressions of the training. Also, I do not have any relationship with DPMS or Wolf ammo.

If you need training for your CCW or want to take classes to improve or hone your skills Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy is an excellent organization and very conveniently located for most of the Mid-Atlantic Coast; less than 3 hours from the Delaware Memorial Bridge.