Mi 3Gun 2009 Season

This year we will be building upon our philosophy by notching up the problem solving challenging stages and cool props

INTRO TO 3GUN CLASSES (April 18th & May 16th)
We are going to start the year out with an introduction to 3Gun Class for those starting out or interested in getting involved. It will cover safety concerns, equipment, and actual experience shooting a real stage. Guns and Gear can be available.

3GUN RANGE OFFICERS CLASSES (April 18th & May 16th)
For those with more experience, we are going to do a 3Gun Range Officer Class for those wanting to help out with the matches and become part of our reward program. There will be Guns, Gear and Accessories given away at years end.

To finish the year with a bang! We are going to have our 3Gun Championship Match in September. Last year we had very generous sponsors. Everyone at the match walked away with at least 1 item from our prize table. The 3 top competitors in each division received a personalized plaque. The match wasn’t bad either. This year we plan to out-do last years prize table, and have even more challenging stages with more smoke, movement, explosions, and dark environment shooting. Registration Now Available!!!

2009 Mi 3Gun Match Schedule

April 18th Saturday
3Gun Range Officer Class and Introduction to 3Gun Class
April 19th Sunday
3Gun Monthly Match

May 16th Saturday
3Gun Range Officer Class and Introduction to 3Gun Class
May 17th Sunday
3Gun Monthly Match

June 21st Sunday
3Gun Monthly Match

July 19th Sunday
3Gun Monthly Match

August 16th Sunday
3Gun Monthly Match

September 20th Sunday
Mi 3Gun Championship Match

Thank You