Carry Weapon Stance?

Carry Weapon Stance?

This is a discussion on Carry Weapon Stance? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all, What stance do you use for your main carry weapon? I have been doing some research, and it looks like the two main ...

View Poll Results: What stance do you use for your main carry weapon?

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  • Weaver Stance

    63 34.24%
  • Isosceles Stance

    45 24.46%
  • Combination of the two

    47 25.54%
  • Neither of the two/Self-created Stance

    18 9.78%
  • I'm not sure

    11 5.98%
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Thread: Carry Weapon Stance?

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    Carry Weapon Stance?

    Hello all,

    What stance do you use for your main carry weapon? I have been doing some research, and it looks like the two main stances are the Weaver Stance and the Isosceles Stance. The class I just returned from taught the Weaver stance, which worked pretty well for me. I'm sure there are pros and cons to both stances, but I was just wondering which stance the majority of people used.


    *EDIT* Option 4 should read:
    Neither of the two/Self-created Stance/Other Stance

    Please list the other type of stance if applicable. Thanks!
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    I grew up shooting Weaver, started wearing a vest and switched to Isocoles.


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    I've only been shooting for about a month, but I prefer Isosceles (I've tried both) -- it just feels more natural to me. Of course, YMMV.
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    It depends upon the circumstances when I have to bring my handgun to bear on the bad guy.
    If I'm at home daytime I prefer isosceles. If it's after dark and I'm hearing "sounds" from downstairs in the house I go with one hand (right) with a flashlight in my left hand.
    I have used weaver but find isosceles more natural. But I tend to use both weaver & isosceles with equal comfort.
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    I chose neither/other.

    I learned first with isocoles, but don't like it. Then I switched to weaver, but ended up in between with what an instructor calles "tactical stance". Body less turned than weaver, smaller target than isocoles. Easy to move, comfortable and stable to shoot from. I'm also most accurate from this stance.
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    I use the weaver. I learned to shoot a handgun in the '70s and thats how I was taught. However, I now teach both in my classes.
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    I too am a forever "Weaver" person. However, we also teach both in our classes, and encourage our students to use the one that feel most normal for them. I once saw a sign that went something like this "If your stance is perfect in a gunfight, you are most likely not using cover". As has been said already, use what works for your, there is no real right and wrong between those two.
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    I am more consistent and accurate using the Isosceles stance.
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    To the extent that I use a stance, I shoot Weaver.

    In a fight, you probably shouldn't be using an exact square range stance much, if at all. You should be moving and shooting from behind cover/concealment. You may end up shooting one handed, shooting from retention, even shooting in the middle of a wrestling match with your assailant.

    Stances are like training wheels. They're good for getting started and learning the basics, but if you want to actually get good, the training wheels need to come off so you can learn to shoot from a much wider range of positions.

    I think something along the lines of 'combat posture' is a more useful way to think about this than stance. Get up on the balls of your feet, lean forward, get a proper grip on the gun and extend it. Don't worry too much about the exact position of your feet or arms, move fluidly and adapt to the environment and situation.

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    I use a "Modern Isosceles" (feet not directly under the shoulders) or (less often) a Chapman (Modified Weaver) stance.

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    Isosceles with right foot slightly behind for stability.
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    I move between all as the situation dictates. That said; I learned Weaver in the Marines, but modified Iso is the primary foundation of my fighting platform.

    Iso is far superior as a shooting stance, especially when interchanging different weapons systems into it.
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    Modified Weaver....I have cross-eye dominance & it helps me. (I also practice while moving in different directions in relation to target, since in a real shoot out I'M GONNA BE MOVING!)
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    Weaver... just the way I've been trained and it works very well for me.
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    In the real world, stance is the least of your worries. Lack of time and the closeness of the encounter make it irrelevent.
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