AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course-3/21

AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course-3/21

This is a discussion on AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course-3/21 within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here is a link to an After Action Report I posted on another forum for Tom Perroni's 3/21 Carbine Course: AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course- ...

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Thread: AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course-3/21

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    AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course-3/21

    Here is a link to an After Action Report I posted on another forum for Tom Perroni's 3/21 Carbine Course:

    AAR: CCJA/Tom Perroni Carbine Course- 21 March 09 - M4Carbine.net Forums

    Highly recommended!

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    Sounds like a great class, thanks for the review.

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    taken from my prior post at arfcom, pasted for convenience
    Tactical Carbine M4/AR-15 Course 3/21/2009 in Virginia - AR15.COM

    I was one of the beginners at the class and wore a grey sweatshirt, chestrig, Ducati hat and a dreaded RRA sans optics :) . I'd never had anything more than the NRA basic pistol safety class and had no idea what to expect. I've never been in the service but did play high school and men's league hockey so I have somewhat of an athletic background and still try to hit the elliptical regularly (my arthritic post surgical knee has forced me out of alot of sports) and why that matters will come up in a second.

    the classroom was beneficial to me because it allowed me to kind of settle in with the group and relax a bit. I could tell most of the others, if not everyone else, was at times bored with how basic some of it was, but in the grand scheme of things it was roughly 9-11 AM, so it was not bad and I still learned some things. I do wish we did a quick self-intro to get people's experience level or background. as homeyclaus mentioned, with some of the drills, I found myself asking other participants (Larry the Ninja, John B, the ball-busting Medic, and the Canadian homeyclaus) suggestions, not because the instructors weren't capable, but they were working with an operator or making sure everyone was safe, muzzle down for example, or in the proper position and so on, and I wanted to increase my learning rate so to speak.

    I can't say enough about how Tom and the other instructors (I will leave them nameless unless Tom would like to share their names) didn't make me feel like a ******* if I made a mistake like start a drill with an open bolt or have my sling and stock maladjusted, all of which I did. For all I know, they were laughing inside, but they never showed it and because of their attitude, I didn't get discourage and it remained fun from beginning to end (9am to 8pm).

    The weather was perfect and shooting at the steel targets was pretty cool, new one for me also. I too learned that some of my gear needs adjusting. I was wearing Field and Stream shooting glasses and found their frame interfered with my sight picture and Tom let me borrow some more square clear ones and it helped a bunch. I learned that the 2 point sling I have and I do not get along well and I will be replacing it with a single point one. I tried-on Tom's son, Tommy's, sling and rifle combo and felt it fit much better and better allowed for transition from the ready to contact-front position as well as from right hand to left hand shooting. I was generally happy with my chest rig but found that carrying 2 spare .45 mags wasn't enough and by the end, I'd bumped it to 4 spare mags.

    As for the exercises, a list by memory (notebook is at work):
    Zero In
    2 shots on steel from 25 yards out to 100 yards
    4 barrel serpentine drill
    2 shots behind cover standing
    2 shots standing 2 shots kneeling from behind cover Left and Right hand
    4 barrel box drill
    fire from behind barrels to over car hood to thru front and rear car windows to behind cover Left and Right hand
    4 shots carbine target 1 shot steel lollipop on right unless Transition was called and then you were to finish with sidearm
    same drill but 4/1 and 4/1 both carbine and pistol (memory is fuzzy on this one)
    Breaking Contact Drill - moving line of 3 operators covering will others are moving or reloading
    Breaking Contact / Exiting from a Vehicle - same as above
    4 shot rifle 2 handgun transitions
    Load the handgun, release the mag but hold in place with your pinky, fire, pull the trigger for the second shot, nothing, tap, rack and fire
    Moving line forward transitioning to handgun
    Firing on line with lights

    All the while being closely watched by 3 instructors and being encouraged to communicate while reloading, moving, returning to up, etc (all when appropriate)

    Now, why the hockey and elliptical comment? after 1 dry run of the Breaking Contact drill moving from 25 to 100 yards, I was pretty tired. We repeated the dry run 2 more times to make sure we didn't do something boneheaded like stop firing and turn into someone firing. We were spaced out pretty well so safety issues were minimal, but still, smart to practice. By the time we did the live fire, I was absolutely toast by the end. Breaking contact and exiting the vehicle was intense as well because when you stopped, you were on the ground firing at targets only to get up and move again.

    All in all, well worth the $150. I used about 460 rounds of mixed Federal, Privy and PMC since my rate of fire was slower than everyone else and about 80 rounds of .45ACP. I did use Cammenga Easy Mags and had no issues for what it's worth. I also wore Under Armour batting gloves, so whoever posted that on this site, thanks, they were great.

    For the next class, I want a new sling and a red dot sight because in my opinion, it would've helped during the firing on the move drills.

    I brought a couple bottles of water, some granola bars and some gatorade all of which were smart. One guy did find a tick climbing on his gear so keep that in mind if you have Off or some other tick repellant.

    Tom, Thanks again


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    Sounds like a great class.
    I look forward to finally meeting Tom and his staff at his facility in October.

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    good reviews, thanks.
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    Two very good reviews.

    May have to plan a vacation around a trip to his facility.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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