How often do you train?

How often do you train?

This is a discussion on How often do you train? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This question has probably been asked before, but how often do you guys train on your own with concealed handguns and/or take classes? I appreciate ...

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Thread: How often do you train?

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    How often do you train?

    This question has probably been asked before, but how often do you guys train on your own with concealed handguns and/or take classes? I appreciate all feedback I can get, this will help me structure ammo purchases. With the economy the way it is these days, this poor college kid that's about to go to med school has to figure out how much bulk .45 ACP FMJ ammo to buy and when to buy in order to practice with his HK45C...

    If anyone practices on their own, feel free to add whatever drills they set up for themselves...

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    Jimmy Cirillo of the NYPD Stakeout Squad wrote that he shot a lot on his own from every angle, distance and position possible.
    Two handed, strong handed and weak handed only.
    I keep most of my practice sessions up close, from 0-12 feet or so.
    With both point, semi and rapid aimed fire--including the Quick Kill that I learned from Brownie.
    Then I'll fire about 20 rounds at extended distances ( usually from behind cover) anywhere from 10-25 yards.
    Other sessions I will go in front of the points ( I have access to a private range) to practice shooting on the move, hip/contact techniques.
    I use a lot of 22 ammo, both in a conversion kit, pocket .22 and rim fire rifles, to save on the cost of ammo.

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    I go to a formal training class at least once a year. I am getting ready to go again in May. I'm 68 and continue to train. I also go to the local range at least once a week and train on my own.
    Its always a great day, if you don't believe me try missing one.
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    i like to practice drawing a lot i got the shooting down
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    I trie to take a formal class once or twice a year.

    Training on my own. I go to the range as often as $$$ will allow.

    But I dry fire and work various drills daily.

    Physical workout 5 days a week and H2H and knife training as often as I can find a willing partner.

    You can't train enough!
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    I try to take a class every couple of years (should be yearly), but I do practice drawing a lot. At our range, one can draw and shoot from retention.

    Stay armed...practice...stay safe!
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    I shoot on the square and outdoor ranges at lest three times a week, force on force twice every two weeks, M4, AK-47, once a month.

    Malfunction drills, strong and weak hand, reloads strong and weak hand, lots of movement.
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    I joined the IDPA and shoot with our local group 2x a month, then on the off weeks try to make it to the range at least once for extra practice. I'm the type that needs to practice more to retain anything. It can get expensive, but what will probably drive the ammo obtaining capabilities is IF you can actually find any to buy!!

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    I shoot twice a week when the weather is not awful. Usually each trip is 100 rounds of rimfire and 20 rounds centerfire. Ammo is expensive so make every shot count. That means really applying yourself to shooting well and learning the task at hand. This hobby is too expensive to be out there just making noise.

    Dry fire, dry-drawing, eye focusing, working on grip, stance... all free practice

    If you want to practice A LOT, get a pistol with a .22lr conversion (like Glock with Advantage Arms conversion, or Sig + conversion), or a similar second .22lr pistol.

    Using snap caps is free! Mix them up with your loaded mags at random, it is great practice and you can reuse them again and again. You go through all the same motions to fire, but it cost nothing!

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    Pretty much every day. Open hand, stick, knife and firearms. Teaching and learning.
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    i try to shoot something once each week while i am at my farm.
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    I take a minimum of one advanced type of class a year, usually a Gabe Suarez class. I also have my own outdoor range and go there usually bi weekly weather permiting.... Then there is the dry fire practice in the home, daily.... practice, practice, practice!!!!
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