To shoot or not to shoot...ammo shortage

To shoot or not to shoot...ammo shortage

This is a discussion on To shoot or not to shoot...ammo shortage within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Are you guys shooting more or less during the current ammo shortage? I really need to practice, but with the current ammo shortage I really ...

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Thread: To shoot or not to shoot...ammo shortage

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    To shoot or not to shoot...ammo shortage

    Are you guys shooting more or less during the current ammo shortage? I really need to practice, but with the current ammo shortage I really hate to shoot up my ammo. I shoot .38 and .40 cal and both are hard to find in my area. If you can find ammo its to expensive to shoot a hundred rounds to practice. Thanks to the great messiah Obama.

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    Myself I have not been shooting at all lately. Ammo around here is NON EXISTENT. I cant even find reloading supplies.

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    My approach is to build up my ammo cache to a 1000 rounds then start buying more to go shooting with.

    I've worked so hard to find and afford the 600+ rounds I currently have that I hate to shoot them up.

    The flip side is that you need to shoot often in order to stay on top of your game.

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    No doubt about it, I'm shooting a LOT less recently. In recent years, I've conservatively fired 10,000+ rounds per year. In the last 4 months, not counting 22lr, I've fired less than 200 rounds and most of that has been function testing only. I have an ammo cache that would be considered large to some, very small to others, of around 25,000 rounds for all firearms. Add to that reloading components for several thousand more rounds. But, while I hate sounding paranoid, I can't bring myself to shoot up a supply that may not be able to be replenished for some time.

    While my shooting skills may become a bit frayed from not shooting regularly, after 40 years of shooting they're not going to disappear. The ones I really feel bad for are the young people (or even older ones) just getting into firearms. For most people, it takes a lot of shooting to develop the skills for proficient shooting and at this point in time, it just doesn't appear to be feasible.

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    I go to the range as often as ever, but I am shooting far less centerfire and far more rimfire. I am down to 25-50 rounds of SD, then 100 rounds of .22lr per weekly range trip. Same drills and distances, just no more plinking. To justify the cost, each round has to have a purpose. Kinda sad.

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    I'm definitely firing less, with ammo shortage, even online seems to take forever....
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    Well, let's put it this way......whenever I get to the range and shoot, I always like to re-stock what I shot in the same amount or more. If I am unable to do this, I don't shoot near what I would if I could. If I can. I won't, and I'm not. Clear as mud? Since I'm boycotting ammo at loan shark prices, this means I'm more than happy to sit at home on a cold rainy day......get out my ammo the lids, and stare at the boxes of ammo contained within. Tomorrow I may try to organize them all again. Heck, I may get all the boxes out, spread them all over my living room floor and take a picture just for a cheap thrill. I haven't fired a shot in about two months now or more.

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    I have not fired a shot in over a month.

    Stinks, but I don't have a huge ammo stockpile and I just don't want to shoot the precious rounds I have.
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    I reload.....
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    Still shooting as much, but I've stocked 62K in 9mm over the last two years and in the last month I've gone through 4K so I'm down to 58K with another 10K on order online whenever it comes in.

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    Ammo in my area is available although my preferred choices are not always in stock. So, I try and buy 1-2 boxes every chance I can. Until my emergency stockpile is back up to 500 of premium rounds, I pretty much only shoot once a month. Before Obama, I use to visit the range every week.
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    I haven't been to the range in a couple of months. The ammo shortage is driving me crazy. I bought 500 rounds online 2 months ago and haven't been able to get more since.

    My supply is dedicated to a class I'm taking in Sept. so I cant' shoot what I have and I need 1500 more rounds just for the class.

    On a brighter note, my local Walmart had a pile of 40 cal Blazer Brass ammo yesterday along with a sign that said limit of 2 boxes per customer. Maybe they'll have some 9mm soon.

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    Taking the wife to the range this morning, being a Monday we'll have it to ourselves. I'll bring 100 rds of .40 for me and 100 rds of 9mm for her, normally it would be twice that. We will make up the time with a brick of 550 rds of.22.
    Have also been saving the brass, we don't reload?
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    I'm shooting more .22 LR, and less center fire.
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    If you have a good daily dry fire practice regimen, you can maintain your skills at quite a high level even if you can't shoot that much.

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