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This is a discussion on Practice Frequency within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LibertyGal Try to shoot at least 50 rounds a week. The local shop has a nice indoor range, and I am self-employed ...

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Thread: Practice Frequency

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyGal
    Try to shoot at least 50 rounds a week. The local shop has a nice indoor range, and I am self-employed so can set my own schedule. It's only the money for range time and ammo that holds me back >sigh<
    LibertyGal - reloading definitely takes the strain off of ammo costs - if you don't do so already. Casting lowers it even more. It does require more time - but you're rewarded with cheap and very high quality ammunition for as little as 7 cents a round (buying cast bullets) or 3 cents a round (casting your own w/ free scrounged lead).

    It's a good feeling to go burn 1000 rounds in a weekend and not feel guilty for the $30 you just gobbled. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock
    As new gun owners, my wife and I try to go to the range weekly. We shoot 150 to 250 rounds at fixed targets generally to continue skill development and muscle memory. We've had no "advanced" (IDPA, FOF, etc.) training, but generally have our trainer put us through additional drills and targeting techniques frequently. We're still in the "toddler" stage, and believe that practice and training is critically important.
    I agree with you that training is the most important part of firearms proficiency. I may catch some flack on my opions but they are as follows:
    The fundamentals of marksmanship are the bedrock upon which all else is built. Alot of the training I've heard about such as IDPA is interesting, but I found that you fall back on reflexes when it comes to the real thing. Nothing will ever work out quite right, and your survival instinct will take over. Fine motor control is out the window. I personally found the key in that situation is to somehow be able to clear your head very quickly, continuously assess the situation and allow your training and instincts to take over. In general, don't overthink it. Overly complicated drills will fall apart, and you'll find yourself doing the simplest most expedient thing possible. Make all of your training simple and well defined. Try to shoot from awkward positions. Learn to identify what is cover and what isn't.

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