Courses for firearm, self-defense and law enforcement training.

A SIG P226 USPSA pistol will be given away by random drawing to one of the students in this class. Class size limited to 10.

By anyone's account, Max Michel is one of the best shooters in the world. With two World Speed Shooting Championships (2005-2007), four USPSA National Championships (2004-2007) and nearly 30 USPSA Area Championships, Max Michel has become a dominant force in the pistol shooting sports. As an international competitor, Michel has represented the United States in the last four International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Shoots and returned home each time with team gold medals. In 2009, Max has already claimed the Open title at the US Steel Challenge, his 6th National Championship.

In this two-day class you will learn...

Fundamentals (draws, reloads, transitions)

Trigger Control

Recoil Management

Target Awareness

Target Transitions

Movement (Entering & Exiting Positions)

Shooting On the Move

Strong / Weak Hand Shooting


Man-On-Man Steel Competition

Q&A Session(s)

Don't miss this opportunity to train with a World Champion, and have a one in ten chance to win a P226 USPSA SIG SAUER pistol!