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This is a discussion on IDPA within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Blackeagle My friend shot IDPA for many years (and IPSC/USPSA before that). While I have not been shooting nearly as long, I ...

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Thread: IDPA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    My friend shot IDPA for many years (and IPSC/USPSA before that). While I have not been shooting nearly as long, I have seen every single one of those bad habits in play at IDPA matches, and usually see at least a majority of them at each match.

    The match I shot today provides some excellent examples of some of the very things you mentioned. Due to the heat, they entirely removed the requirement for the cover garment for all stages. I and one other shooter used concealment regardless, but everyone else shot from open carry. As far as the 'match gun' goes, at the end of the match, the vast majority of participants routinely strip off the guns they used for the match and switch to smaller guns, more concealable holsters and mag pouches, or even go without a carry gun entirely. I am one of the minority of shooters who simply switch mags to carry ammo and leaves the range carrying the same equipment I shot the match with.

    Many club shoots allow lee way in the rules. New shooters are allowed to shoot first match even if they don't have a "IDPA legal" holster. Mesh vest are considered concealment, I even scored as a guy kept telling the SO he couldn't seem to turn off his LASER sight. I guess removing the batteries was beyond his expertise.
    I am one of the minority of shooters who simply switch mags to carry ammo and leaves the range carrying the same equipment I shot the match withI do this also, as others at our club, even though there are to be no loaded guns other than on the COF. No ammunition in the safe gun handling area.
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    I am an RSO for my local club, and 95% of the time I assist with the "New Shooter" class, and run the squad with the most new shooters [we used to keep all of them in one squad, but the BOD decided to desegregate them, against the advice of the New Shooter instructor].

    Our club, due to state law, can not require a concealment garment. We encourage it, but can not require it. I personally shoot with my day to day carry and clothing. Tucked IWB, work uniform. The only time I don't is the classifier, and that is to save overall time for everyone (classifier days are the forever shoot), not enhance my score.

    Myself and the New Shooter instructor push safety and some tactics (don't crowd the cover when slicing the pie) and do our best to help the newbs along. The last match, I'd have sworn that about 5 of them had just bought their first gun the day before and this was the first time they ever shot. A lot stressful for me, and I'd have kicked them out if it were regular stage type shooting rather than the classifier.

    I have also shot a few local ISPSA and USPSA matches, and those people are not right in the head. Excellent shots with their $5000.00 guns, but a little too intense for my taste. In the IDPA, I usually end up about right in the middle of my class. The other disciplines, bottom 3, probably because I shoot like I would IDPA. Use of cover, and not draw and run with my gun a blazin' at the tone.

    Two of those matches I witnessed 2 shooters get DQ'd for breaking the 180 rule. IMO the RSO should have been DQ'd as well for letting them. They could have stopped it from occurring. Screw the rules and competition aspect of not distracting the shooter. SAFETY FIRST!!! In my club, if a 180 rule is broken, is is just as much the RSO' fault for not stopping it.

    I also prefer the problem solving aspect by not walking and memorizing the COF. I go into it blind, and usually shoot first to show the other shooters in the squad how to (or how not to ) shoot the stage.

    Lane shooting is better than no shooting. Sport shooting of any type is better than lane shooting. If you can't afford to get the formal training (cost of class, getting to the school = distance) then these types of sport shooting is good practice and does equate to some training.

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