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How often do you practice?

This is a discussion on How often do you practice? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; at least once a month, more if I have the time....

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Thread: How often do you practice?

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    at least once a month, more if I have the time.

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    I usually go about twice a week and shoot my target reloads....and run some SD ammo thru all the guns as well. I also try to take a tactical type class every few months.
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    About once a year (hey I'm honest here), haven't lost much from all military training. I should go more though, but you know what, since most action is going to take place less then 10 feet from me, it's not my practice that's going to be the saving grace for me, it's still going to be how I handle myself in a stress situation. Just my view.
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    My goal is once a month...Range USA in Memphis

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    Dry fire practice can be tremendously helpful and with the ammo situation and being out of work, I dry fire practice every week, actual shooting is down to every 6 - 8 weeks.
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    I'm going out on a limb....I think the more important questions is how do you practice. Or what do you practice.

    What is the goal?

    To be able to shoot more accurately?
    To be able to shoot more rapidly?
    To be able to fight with a handgun?
    To be able to change mags faster?
    To be able to perform IAD’s
    To be able to shoot one handed?
    To be able to shoot in the dark?

    How many of you practice shooting with the non dominant hand until it is empty and perform a reload with the same hand (One handed so to speak).

    How often do practice your draw? Or do you walk around with your firearm in your hand?

    How many of you practice shooting with a light? (80% of all shootings happen in low or reduced light!)

    Going to the range and shooting at paper targets that don't move and don't shoot back is preparing you for what?

    You must train the way you will fight! So that you fight the way you train!

    Just me $0.02 and I am sure that’s all it’s worth.


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    Hope Mills, NC
    Well i like to practice at least once a month, but the local range wont let you draw your weapon, fire at a distance less that 15yds, and no rapid firing. so i asked what i am supposed to do tell the guy to back up 15 yds and hold still so i can hit him twice in 3 seconds? Anyone know any good ranges near Fayetteville, NC that would allow more training??

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    I don't know about Fayetteville or other places east of the Mississippi, but out west you can legally shoot on land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in most states. In Nevada, you can practice on BLM land unless it is posted otherwise, provided you are at least 5000 feet from any occupied dwelling (for rifles) and 1000 feet from any occupied dwelling (for handguns and shotguns). I practice target shooting at the range, but I do my training in the desert, where I can work on fast draw, reloading, point shooting, and other skills I'd need if a self defense situation came up.

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    I target shoot at the range every two weeks, 2-4hrs per session, and about 1000 rds with a mixed bag of .38spl, 9mm, .40, .45 and .22lr. Since ammo is in such short supply (and expensive), roughly 500 of the 1K are .22lr. At least once per month, I shoot IDPA. I'm trying to find time to shoot more IDPA in the off weeks between range practice.

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    I am still shooting trap twice a week, which is not really practice, but I try to get to the range at least weekly. We have a pistol league weekly, but it's been slacking off for the summer.
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    400 rounds of .45acp every week. plus what ever rifle or shot gun I feel like plinking with.

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    I try to shoot once a week. At least once every two weeks. My girlfriend likes it and women shoot free on friday so we kinda make a date out of it. Go shooting and then get something to eat.

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    Botu 250rds a week if not more. Now that I have an AR I have been feeding that rifle like an obese elephant diseased rhino lion. In other words I prolly should start ordering a pallet of .223.

    I have had this AR for about 5 days and it has over 1000 rds through it already.Way I see it, I will just get replacement parts when they wear out hehehe.

    But my practice sessions consist of running around tactically defeating paper and metal bad guys who have every intention of shooting back at me. But for some odd reason I seem to always get the kill shot first....... weird sigh ...
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    I try to go to the range every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. Lately I've been shooting largely .22 due to tight finances and ammo availability.

    I have no formal training, mainly because I cannot afford it. I do everything I can to teach myself well and offset that fact...

    I practice drawing from my carry rig, reloading, slow fire and fast fire.

    I practice "hit one area but do not hit another area". With that drill I try to go as quickly as possible with 0 hits in the no-hit zone, so speed varies by the range I have it set up at.

    I practice both hands, strong hand only and weak hand only. I practice simulated FTF situations (TRB) using snap-caps when I have enough money to get some 9mm.

    I practice shooting without using sights, shooting from both retention and a position closer to fully extended.

    I practice shooting while standing up as well as kneeling and transitioning between kneeling and standing.

    I practice using both eyes open as well as each eye individually.

    I practice drawing and dry-firing at home.

    I do NOT practice moving while shooting, since the range does not allow it. I plan to get into IDPA to get some practice with this.

    I do NOT practice moving targets, once again because there is no way to do that at my range.

    I have not tried shooting with a light yet, but I will probably try that soon because it sounds like a pretty good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NCConcealed View Post
    Well i like to practice at least once a month, but the local range wont let you draw your weapon, fire at a distance less that 15yds, and no rapid firing. so i asked what i am supposed to do tell the guy to back up 15 yds and hold still so i can hit him twice in 3 seconds? Anyone know any good ranges near Fayetteville, NC that would allow more training??
    Talk to Bernard out at Guns Plus (in Spring Lake on the 24). I trained with him in a Vickers class a while back and he is a good guy.
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