Thoughts on this?

Thoughts on this?

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Thread: Thoughts on this?

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    Thoughts on this?

    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

    Patrick Henry
    Quote Originally Posted by UnklFungus
    If it is ok to disarm legal citizens to reduce crime, then doesn't it stand to disband the military to prevent war?

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    My thoughts? I didn't go to the link you posted. I believe I've seen it before. Some time ago....on this very forum, there was a thread about disarming an attacker with a gun at one's head, or pointed at (you or me) and when and how to attempt to defend, or if it was even feasible. I posted in that thread, and it's been so long ago. Thing is, I picked up a copy of Combat Handguns Nov 2009 issue this week, and there is a good article in the edition starting on page 74 that discusses this very same issue and I wish everyone here would read it or get a copy of it somehow because I think it's a real good article and an eye opener explained in black and white. It's called 'Under the gun...disarm your assailant' Unconventional maneuver that could be your one and only fighting chance! By Richard Nance
    The periodical only lists for a news stand retail price of $5.99 and most places are cheaper. If you can find it, I'd suggest buying it as the article alone would be worth the price. Just my opinion as usual.

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    There is a commando krav maga gym here in Lexington, Kentucky, and its supposed to be a good fighting style for when you are unarmed and when others are armed, i.e knifes, guns, etc. The CKM teaches you how to defend yourself in situations that most other people can not. CKM originates from Israeli special forces. I think if you are trained well enough and know what your doing it would be a good technique if no other alternatives present themselves.

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