Ladies (gents too): What are some of your safety strategies

Ladies (gents too): What are some of your safety strategies

This is a discussion on Ladies (gents too): What are some of your safety strategies within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been spending quite a bit of time here on the forum since joining and have learned a lot. So, today at work, I got ...

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Thread: Ladies (gents too): What are some of your safety strategies

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    Ladies (gents too): What are some of your safety strategies

    I've been spending quite a bit of time here on the forum since joining and have learned a lot. So, today at work, I got the idea to have a thread where we share our modes of operation for safety and situational awareness. I searched the forum and didn't find anything in a central place. I hope I'm not repeating something that's already here but I'm still trying to learn my way around.

    So, what are some of the things that you do for safety. I'll begin.

    1. I have a detached garage and I leave it open and walk to my door with my hand on the panic button of the car remote. Once I have my firearm and start carrying, I figure my car could be used as cover if need be. I always back in.
    2. I've started leaving the back seat of my SUV folded down so I can see into the cargo area when I get into my car to make sure no one is hiding. A carjacker was recently caught with this MO.
    3. I go to the house door empty handed and let the dogs out in the yard while getting groceries or unloading other items. My German Shepherd does not like anyone and my Cocker Spaniel sure makes a lot of noise.
    4. I programmed my car remote to only unlock the driver side door with the first click and I manually unlock my door only when exiting my vehicle, as I'm usually alone 95% of the time.
    5. I can't control who parks after I do, but I never park between or next to another large truck or SUV.
    6. I use my debit card at the grocery store and get cash back instead of going to the ATM machine.
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    Get a dog. I don't have one, but more and more I'm learning even a small dog provides a level of security.
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    All good ideas, I do most of the same.
    When I approach my Bronco I come up to the rear, then the passenger side and around the front to the drivers side, checking the windows on all sides and underneath . My windows are dark tinted and it would be easy for someone to hide inside.
    When I get to where I'm going, before I turn the key off I scan the area around me, to see who is where and doing what and where someone could be hiding.
    Gassing up is always done during daylight hours, with the doors locked and my back to the 1/4 panel, nobody can come up behind me, and my remote is in my hand as well.
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    I figure my car could be used as cover if need be
    Just make sure you have the engine block between you and the BG.

    Bullets going in:

    Bullets going out:
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
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    Stay alert, trust no one......take a SD pistol course, read all you can on a site like DC.

    Around the house, our Rhodesian Ridgeback is always the first one out each morning. He lets us know if someone is 'hiding in the bushes'.
    A dog can improve situational awareness around the home by ten-fold. They can sense/hear things beyond the human ear.
    If you pay attention to what they are 'telling' you, many surprises can be avoided.
    (Last summer I had posted the accidental death of one of our two dogs (a tough time), and in just two more weeks we get another canine to add to our family and befriend our Irish Wolfhound. While IW's are not necessarily guard dogs, their size alone can be enough to persuade 'potential predators' to pick an easier target.)

    My head is always on a swivel and my eyes 'walk' way ahead of my movement and direction.
    At home I am always armed, but most of my neighbors do not exist in this mode (they do not get it)...

    Stay armed...practice/train/read/be realistic...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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