group size

group size

This is a discussion on group size within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i want to know what size groups people are shooting at 15 yards with no rests, Standing and shooting...

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Thread: group size

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    group size

    i want to know what size groups people are shooting at 15 yards with no rests, Standing and shooting

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    Depends on the gun I am carrying. If I have my Mini Cougar 45 I dont want to shoot groups bigger than 8 to 10 Bad Guys. With the Taurus I can go 15 to 20 and both only from cover.
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    depends on which gun and how slow I am shooting. I go for rapid fire com hits usually . then some tight head shot groups too. Never really stopped to measure em.
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    6,868 Miggy, I post minute-of-bad guy groups that are good enough for gov't work.
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    I used to be concerned with this, but then got into more of the practical side of shooting.

    My practice tends to be more focused on real-world scenarios. Draw and shoot, one to multiple targets.

    As long as I'm hitting center mass or keep it in the head, I'm satisfied.

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    With my Taurus, I can get about a 4 inch group. With my Bersa, about 2-3 inches. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    With my carry guns i also only worry about min of bad guy

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    You can be a target (bullseye) shooter, or you can be a self defense shooter, but don't make the mistake of thinking that they are the same thing...

    And I'm definitely NOT a bullseye shooter!
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    If they're lined up behind each other I can get 2-3 with one shot, if I have Buffalo Bore castcore 180's loaded in the .357, so it depends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy
    Depends on the gun I am carrying. If I have my Mini Cougar 45 I dont want to shoot groups bigger than 8 to 10 Bad Guys. With the Taurus I can go 15 to 20 and both only from cover.
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    15 yards eh. Well if at any distance I am practicing at I can achieve ''minute of pie plate'' with the speed I want to use then all is well!! Even accept the odd ''flier''!

    Honestly I do not these days measure this grouping - I keep that for sighting in and bench shooting really.
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    If I keep em all on the paper plate, good enough.
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    This is 25yds rapid fire from my Taurus 92. This is not typical. I was feeling exceptionally good that day and is my best group to date.

    Controlled pairs from an EFMJ test I did. Range is about 7yds, paced off. Pistol was the Taurus 92 again.

    I don't have any pics of what I can do with the PPK clone yet. First, I've only had it out a couple times. Second, I have a lot of practicing to do and I believe the sights may need adjusted. I'll do a range report on it soon enough as people have been asking for one. Seems this particular clone is something a bit unique.

    Josh <><

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    Take a look at my avatar. I was using my Bersa Ultra Compact 45.
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    With my .45 I use outline targets, all in the chest or upper abdomen as of last week.
    With my Mak, it's still new to me so no real data yet, only fired it twice and first time was just to get a feel for it, 100 rounds down barrel in it so far.

    Yep, need more practice.
    Intend to practice alot more w the .45 and will add laser to practice with and for stress situations.
    With the Mak I'm going to experiment with point shooting since the sights suck and I only consider it for close range anyway.

    Warm weather is here now so lots of practice coming up :)
    Still new to CCW and handguns, about 4 months but a long time rifle shooter, 30+ years.
    Pistol sure does seem alot tougher.

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