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why no humanoid targets ?

This is a discussion on why no humanoid targets ? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by fwellers Hello, I'm not sure where to post this. If it doesn't belong here, or on this forum I apologize. I'm just ...

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Thread: why no humanoid targets ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwellers View Post
    I'm not sure where to post this. If it doesn't belong here, or on this forum I apologize.
    I'm just wondering, why would a gun club/range not allow human shaped targets ?

    We have a real nice relatively new gun club here in Ashburn Va called Silver Eagle. They seem pretty laid back about most things, and a good place to go shoot relatively cheap.

    But I found out today by accident that they don't allow human shaped targets. It makes no sense to me. They offer all types of self defense classes, scenario training etc.. The point of all of that is to be able to successfully defend yourself against a human ( in most cases ) target.

    So what is the deal with not allowing human targets for practice ?
    I really don't care for myself. My shooting is not to the point to care about much except being able to hit a 6" plate at 7 yards. :-)
    But it seems like a sellout to the PC gun hater crowd. Am I missing some ethical issue here ?

    Silver Eagle Sells humanoid targets why would they not allow them? In fact they, sent out a press release during halloween because they had a ton Zombie targets they had in stock, and if you go in their right now you will see humanoid targets. In fact if you go to their website Silver Eagle Group and click on take a tour look at picture number 21 and 22 you will CLEARLY see an IZZY target, and you will also see 2 people in what looks to be a staged photo of them shooting at it. Are you sure the guy wasn't jerking your chain?

    This is the target they had for sale at the counter yesterday during the 3 gun match. http://www.letargets.com/estylez_item.aspx?item=CBBT-06
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    Hah. Glad you got it clarified. At one range I used to go to, the reason was simple. People couldn't resist trying to make head shots, missing, and hitting the destroying target hangers which were in close proximity to said head (indoor range, single hanging point).

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Targets shaped like people scare the .
    +1 enough said... sounds like a control issue here...
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    Shooters World here in Phoenix allows silhouettes but no faces with the exception of Osama or zombies.
    Sorry 'bout that... He's trained to attack shopping carts for some reason.

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