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How many pistols do you regularly practice with?

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Thread: How many pistols do you regularly practice with?

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    My glock-36 and a couple of Kimbers.
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    HK USPc .40, Springfield EMP .9mm, Smith 642, Sig X-5 .9mm
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    Two (centerfire) for me, my CZ-75 and CZ RAMI, both 9mm's. I also have several .22's that I plink with, but you weren't asking about that.
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    2 to 3 at a time

    each week I bring 2 to 3 different handguns , either my 2 buckmarks, 2 PA 63's, cz 82, firestorm 380, sig p230, LCP, SR9, glock 27, or my S&W MP 45. Once a month I bring with AR 15 and the Mossberg 590.

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    One, almost every time I shoot. Three or four, frequently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyeLCPL View Post
    For pistols, usually 3, one of my 1911's, one of my 9mms, and a j-frame, since the rest of my pistols are more for fun, and would only be used in defense in odd circumstances, but they get shot occasionally too.
    I've got a question about defense (and I've been out since 1971 so I'm sure things are a lot different). How do you carry for defense? If you live on base is it a hassle to coordinate with the armory to retrieve your guns? I guess if you live on base you just need to worry about state law. Of course, you might not want to answer

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    Nowdays I am only dry fire practicing the Glock 23. For range activity I may take the P220 or the P232 along. These 2 are the only other pistols readily accessible since I got the G23. I keep the P220 close by should I need to bug out and I often times carry the P232 around the house.

    Since I drank the Kool-Aid I have been pretty faithful to my Glock but I do cheat with a Sig on occasion

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangloss9 View Post
    I just wondered how many different centerfire pistols people regularly practice with. I've had a G17 for years and recently bought a G26. My G26 is my carry gun and the G17 is on home defense duty. These are the two that I always take with me. Often I'll bring a third pistol, but usually never the same one twice in a row.
    I have the same two Glocks and also bring along my Kel-Tec P3AT 380.

    That's it unless I want to go to the 22 range, then I bring along a Ruger 10-22 for pinking

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    Four revolvers as a rule.

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    I don't own any guns that just take up space... If they were brought home that means I will shoot them and be comfortably proficient in them.
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    Hmmm, My M642 snub but never with aimed fire. Point only. Lock my elbows into my sides and empty it rapid fire COM at a range of about 10 feet. That gun is mugger deterrence only. I can blow the center out of a target now in about 1.5 seconds for 5 rounds.

    My H&K P30 and my Sig P245 are both carry and IDPA pieces so I practice with them more tactically. Frequently I'll just practice tactical reloads with empty mags for speed and smoothness. The H&K's mag eject lever at the bottom rear of the trigger guard expedites this tremendously.

    When I pick up my new XD45 compact I'll familiarize myself with it to the extent that I can field strip it in total darkness and put it back together the same way. I'll learn the controls to load/reload and clear stoppages the same way. I'll do it enough to move it all into "muscle memory" as I have with the others. Then I'll take that to some IDPA matches to see where it prints on targets at most combat ranges and positions of fire with a variety of loads that I'll document so I know where my carry load will tend to impact.
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    All of them. I don't favor one of my children over another, they all get equal time, in rotation.
    Hmm, it's Lucille's turn tomorrow
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    Usually 3-4 guns go for each range trip... My Ultra Carry, either my G19 or 26, the XD45, then I'll rotate the CW9, S&W 27-2 or 642... The long guns usually get trips to themselves, so it's either handguns or long guns...
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    Usually 2 to 3 unless I'm really focusing on something with 1 firearm.
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    My current carry gun always. Then I add at least 2 others just for the fun of it.

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