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How many pistols do you regularly practice with?

This is a discussion on How many pistols do you regularly practice with? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always practice with my EDC, and I will cycle all of my other handguns in and out when I go out. At least 2 ...

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Thread: How many pistols do you regularly practice with?

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    I always practice with my EDC, and I will cycle all of my other handguns in and out when I go out. At least 2 per range trip.

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    I try to shoot a couple of times a week. 2 practice visits or a practice and a match. I use a minimum of 2 guns and most of the time 4. I try to shoot every gun I own at least once per year. But the majority of the time it is one of my carry guns and one of my game guns.
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    Mostly 3 of my guns get the most range time,

    I train with Home Defense gun which is a SigPro 2022 40, My Keltec PF 9 which is my EDC, and my Springfield XD 9 subcompact which I carry a fair amount when I want more rounds than my Kel-Tec.

    Ocassionally I will include putting a few rounds through my XDM9 and my 638 bodyguard.

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    Raleigh, NC
    Usually 2; my G27 (EDC) and any of my other guns.
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    Since OP limited the question to centerfire only, it would be 4:
    * Springfield 1911 Micro-compact
    * Ruger P345 & P95
    * CZ 2075 RAMI
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    Three - HK P30L, P2000SK in 9mm and a P2000SK in .40S&W.

    The 40 is for carry, but the 9mm pistols are a lot cheaper to shoot on a regular basis. I shoot a few mags through the .40 every other week or so and the 9mm pistols the rest of the time.

    Honestly, I can't really tell that much difference between the P2000SKs in the two different calibers. Both shoot equally nice with very manageable recoil.

    The controls on all three of these are identical, so familiarity breed competence in handling and safety.

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    Two, the only two that I own.
    M&P 9 and 9c
    Ruger LCP
    Remington 810 20 gauge

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    I usually take my S&W 22A 22 and at least 3 centerfires in 9mm and 45acp occassionally my Sigpro 40 S&W and every now and then my LAR Grizzly 44 Mag
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    right now seems i bring my security six and my p89 and when i have ammo my new p238. i almost always bring my mark III but thats rim fire so doesn't count

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    I regularly practice with 4 different action types a 1911, a Glock, a Sig 226 and a DA revolver. As an instructor I must be able to demonstrate every drill I teach both right and left handed. I always shoot in front of a class to demonstrate the correct way to execute a skill. Also practicing with different types of actions will help if you "must" use some one elses gun. I never know what type of handgun a student will bring to class so being able to shoot their gun will help the common miscinception "my sights must be off".

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    I practice with my personal pistol only normally. The other pistol I own is my wife's and although I have shot it and she has shot mine, we primarily practice with our personal pistols.

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    Walther PPS, Glock 19, Seecamp .32, S&W 442 and always my S&W model 34-1 which is a 2" .22 caliber. these will rotate based on any given day but I alway shoot a couple of handfulls of .22.
    Shooting the Walther PPS a lot lately.

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    I usually take at least two, a revolver and an auto, at least one being one of my carry guns, or both. If I have time I'll take four, two autos and two revovlers. On occassion I will take just revolvers or just autos.

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    I don't take more than three out at a time because that's more ammo expended per session and more time cleaning after returning home. Having said that, I practice with every pistol I own at some time or another. Eight of the ten handguns that I own are carry guns, and I don't have any safe queens. Which ones I shoot at a particular session mostly has to do with the stocks of ammo I have on hand at the time. I shoot 44 Spc/Mag the least because ammo levels are the least plentiful, for instance. 40 SW is probably shot the most, because I have pretty good stock levels of forty.
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    Three for me, Kel Tec PF9, Kel Tec P3AT, and FEG PA63.
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