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This is a discussion on Gun Retention within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you OC, then a retention course is a MUST. Otherwise, you are asking for serious trouble in a life threatening situation. I believe that ...

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Thread: Gun Retention

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    If you OC, then a retention course is a MUST. Otherwise, you are asking for serious trouble in a life threatening situation.

    I believe that you should have gun retention training whether you do OC or CC and that training should include retaining the gun in the holster, as well as out of the holster.

    Personally, I wouldn’t carry anything that has a thumb strap or “built in” retention without some sort of lever like the SERPA holster.

    In MY opinion anyone who can not fight to retain their firearm...Should not carry it. – DCJS Instructor
    Tom, I cannot agree more! Too many people don’t have the skills to retain their weapon. Unfortunately the handgun has become “the diet pill of self defense”. A lot of people don’t see the need to get gun retention training simply because they don't train realistically and they believe that things will happen flawlessly in a fight.

    I do realize there are some cases where someone is physically not able to execute unarmed combatives or even train in them and their best chance is to use the handgun. However, that is an exception to the rule and not the norm. People who are fully capable of taking unarmed combatives training SHOULD be doing so. If not, you might not be alive long enough in the fight to POSSIBLY have the opportunity to draw your gun if that’s the thing to do.

    We have entire classes on gun retention. We will be doing a video here in the near future on gun retention. If you want a small sample, check this youtube video out

    YouTube - CQC 3 Gun retention

    Now, one thing that I want to add about this video is the you could strike the attacker in the face before drawing. This scenario was setup because people move laterally and someone grabbing your gun when moving laterally at close distances is VERY possible.

    As always, train hard, train often, and most of all train realistically.
    Brian K. LaMaster
    Your mind is the weapon. Your body is simply the delivery system for the tool you choose to implement into the fight.
    Marksmanship is a hopeful skill, FIGHTING skills are a must!
    Gun fighting is not a martial art. Your martial art should include “gun fighting”!

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    Thanks for the video Brian. And the saying that "handguns have become the diet pill of self defense". Totally guilty here, but working on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Krav maga anyone????
    Krav teaches weapons retention and the use of weapons?

    Believe it or not very few people have ever been punched right in the face. If I want to take a gun I am not going to go up and grab it, I am going to walk up and punch the person in the face. About 90% of the people who are not knocked out will automatically bring there hands up to there face and crouch down. For the other 10% as their hand come up to their face will remember that they are wearing a pistol and need to protect it. This goes for those in law enforcement and civilians.

    See my post about dealing with the roundhouse first. This past week while training police in Alabama we put on boxing gloves and headgear. Some of them had never been punched in the head before, none had been hit at the angle and location I hit them out. Even with hitting them at about 20% power we had a short KO and some buckled knees. If you are carrying a gun you need to know what he feels like to have your bell rung so you can justify to a court why you shot and unarmed man who was only punching you in the face. Often we hear about officers being capped in the head after the initial altercation when the they can no longer defend themselves and the bad guy just takes his gun out of his holster and finished him.

    This training cannot be had on internet forums, by watching DVDs, or shooting millions of rounds down range. It takes time, dedication and lots of aspirin. And guess what, even when you do it well it will still look like **** because reality always does.- George

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