Training video - SWAT Officer shot

Training video - SWAT Officer shot

This is a discussion on Training video - SWAT Officer shot within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Training video - SWAT Officer shot Sgt. Glen Powe of the Maricopa County Sheriff, AZ spoke about being shot during a SWAT operation. There were ...

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Thread: Training video - SWAT Officer shot

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    Training video - SWAT Officer shot

    Training video - SWAT Officer shot

    Sgt. Glen Powe of the Maricopa County Sheriff, AZ spoke about being shot during a SWAT operation. There were many issues addressed during the debrief which included planning, command issues, and tactics.

    Glen was shot 17 times with a .223 AR15 rifle. He said the rounds that hit his back felt just like simmunition rounds, but the one that hit his hand felt like a sledge hammer.

    The following is a brief synopsis of the shooting:
    Glen was part of a SWAT operation serving a high risk search warrant on October 5, 2006. The suspect was lying in wait with an automatic AR15 rifle and fired at Glen as soon as he entered the door. The first two rounds hit him on the lower back, missing his spine. Glen turned to engage the suspect with his rifle and took a round to his "EO tech" sight. The round sent shrapnel into his left hand (he's left handed), slicing off his thumb and severely mangling his hand which caused him to drop his rifle. At that point he took 14 additional rounds to his steel trauma plate which sent shrapnel into his biceps but did not cause any significant damage. Glen went to the ground and was rescued when the suspect's attention was diverted by a flash bang deployment to the rear bedroom. Glen took 9 months to recover. The suspect was a 60 year old Vietnam Vet who is now spending life in prison.

    In the video you can hear the operators yell "failed breach" before pulling the door off. The narrator says they did not return fire because of the family. This is not true. Glen did not return fire because his left hand was mangled. The other officer who tried to enter the doorway to engage the suspect retreated when he was shot in the leg. As soon as they were able to rescue Glen, the team treated the incident as a barricade.

    Glen suffered significant damage to his intestines and his left hand but is otherwise fine. He is still working for the Sheriffs Department and giving seminars around the country about his experience.

    The link; Raw video drug Dealer Opens Fire on Swat

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    Good the purp had an AR .223 not an AK 7.62!

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    I may be wrong but it seems that the SWAT team was cough in a choke point.

    Maybe different tactics are called for or just arrest the BG when he goes to the store or something.

    Not being a LEO it does not seem right to blow the door and them hollow police etc.

    I am all for the police, and respect their courage greatly, and rule of law but I am not for what seems to be bad tactics that endangers everyone.
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