Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!?

Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!?

This is a discussion on Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Step 1) LEGALLY obtain firearm[s]. Step 2) Make home safe for family+weapons environment. Step 3) Take CCW course [if available where you live] and practice ...

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Thread: Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!?

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    Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!?

    Step 1) LEGALLY obtain firearm[s].
    Step 2) Make home safe for family+weapons environment.
    Step 3) Take CCW course [if available where you live] and practice techniques learned therein.
    Step 4) Pay $600 for combat/tactical weapons training???

    As an instructor in unarmed defensive tactics, ive learned something about the most "dangerous" fighters in ANY gym, dojo or warehouse in America...they're almost always beginners. Wild flailing arms and legs can reek havoc even for seasoned fighters. The stress of combat is often overwhelming for beginners, causing them to lose control.

    But no one who CC's or has weapons in their home wants to or can afford to be that guy/girl . Which brings beginners (like myself) to a predicament. How/where do we get combat/tactical weapons training to make us safer to the ppl around us and DEADLY effective against threats?

    A quick google search on the matter will lead one to many defensive firearm training possibilities (e.g. US Shooting Academy, Front Sight, US Training Center, Magpul: Training Division). While the training they show and or describe looks and sounds cooler than cool is it necessary? I ask because it is FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE

    Sure you get to be immersed for three days with top level competitive shooters and Ex-Spec Ops type guys. But $600 only gets you in the door at most of these places. And that doesnt include lodging, food, transportation and AMMUNITION. So WOULD YOU PAY IT? Or would you be satisfied with more local low key IDPA and NRA type courses?
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    The most I ever paid for training was $450 three years ago.
    This was for a 3 day course in advanced room combat/hostage rescue
    with Phil Singleton.
    This is someone who I always wanted to train with and was a subject which I was very curious about, so I plunked down the cash.
    Airfare to Detroit was cheap, and I shared a room/car rental with my bud.
    We were able to get about 600 rounds from the local police after a courtesy call to the nearest station house.
    Other than that I would try to keep things local with competent local talent.
    Then again, most courses are two days ago go anywhere from $300-450.
    You would save more by staying closer to home--driving distance is the key-- and by using .22lr ammo for at least some of the drills.
    Military/law enforcement officers can get very good/low cost training a law enforcement conferences where a wide variety of subjects are being taught in 4-8 hour blocks.
    Those not "on the job" can attend seminars such as this:

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    Ps--Why don't you look at hosting a class by a professional instructor in your area? Call Grit at ICETraining.us and see what Rob's schedule is, get the details, and start recruiting students. I do 5-6 classes a year this way. I don't make a dime, but as the host, I go free. :)
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    Would I? Yes, and I have...well worth the $$$ as compared to funeral costs or attorney fees. IMHO
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    Take the training and practice. Check on eBay for traing certificates, I know you can get certificates for Front Sight on eBay. I paid $600 for two certificates so my wife and I can take the 4 day handgun class at Front Sight. We live in Colorado and plan to drive so that saves me a little money and trouble.

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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    Would I?


    Skill is it's own reward, but last week I'm doing shoot & reload drills - load 1 to 4 rounds in each mag, shoot to slide lock and then continue.

    My target is a silhouette with a strip of duct tape down the center. Only hits on the duct tape matter, everything else is considered a miss. (The goal is to keep your shots hitting the CNS, practice reloading from empty, and to be able to run a zipper - a line of shots belly to brain)

    While doing this, a Customs Border Patrol agent who was on the range taps me on the shoulder while I'm loading magazines.

    The first thing he says is "Who's class did you take?"

    When I asked him how he knew I've taken a class, he responded, "You are running the gun without being afraid of it, and you are putting round on target fast with a subcompact Glock."

    Thank you Tactical Response.

    Depends on the class, but for some training $600 wouldn't be unreasonable at all.

    People will drop $1,000 or more on a handgun and not blink...why not training?

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    For a 3-day class, that $600 is $25/hr.
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    Yes, but i would do my homework in selecting a school first. There are a lot of top notch schools out there, and there are even more fly by night yahoo's who take a weekend course and they sell themselves as "qualified".
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Yes, but i would do my homework in selecting a school first. There are a lot of top notch schools out there, and there are even more fly by night yahoo's who take a weekend course and they sell themselves as "qualified".
    +1 what SIXTO said. Always check references if the "school" you are looking at isn't one of the big ones.
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    I would more than gladly pay $600.00 for good training in a location/envioriment that I wanted to be in. Would view it as a vacation.
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    Yes, although I think your hypothetical entry-level cost is a bit high.

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    Not getting training is like trying to ride a Ducati on a Learner's Permit.

    Sure, you could go around the track, but could you drag your knee around the corner and power out of the turn without running wide?


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    Would you pay $600 for defensive firearm training?!?
    Any number of 2-4 day courses from well-known instructors go for $600 on up. I have taken a couple of such courses, as well as numerous less expensive ones.

    Would I? Yes, and I have. But, it is a fair amount of money. So, I try to be quite selective when it comes to my training. I try to vary it, from people who excel in different disciplines. It isn't for everyone. And, cost alone doesn't equate to "good." Not at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dgrins View Post
    Or would you be satisfied with more local low key IDPA and NRA type courses?
    With courses of this sort, it really depends on the course and instructor(s). I want someone with a couple decades of combat-grade experience, someone who has been "in the trenches" in a couple of disciplines, whether military, police, rescue/survival, martial/defense, whatever. But the person needs a reasonable "bedside manner" in order to impart the information. If I find both, via the instructor having been in the business for awhile and has reasonably good recommendations from others, I will absolutely consider it. Truth is, I'm nobody's H2H/defensive expert, so any basically high-quality training will suffice. And yet, I pick up tougher concepts easily and love to play "sponge" in more-intense courses.

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    Yes. I attended Front Sight's 4 day defensive handgun course. I highly recommend it, or something like it.
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    Serious training is an investment. There are those out there, not many, who can fleece you but if you stick to the reputable folks the money you spend will seem insignificant next to the knowledge you obtain.

    "Master the Basics."

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